We Got a New Car For Christmas!!!

.... its actually older than our last car.... 
but it has a USB port so we can actually listen to Christmas music!
highlights from this week!!!
·  we went caroling at an old folks home with our bishop and his company
·  we read a scripture to the less active old German lady that we visit and help and she yell, "i am not a sinner! this scripture does not apply to me. select a better article next time!" well okay then! hahaha
·  while tracting we met this family who the grandpa had listened to the missionaries but while investigating he got cancer and died. the family was willing to meet with us to see what it was all about!
·  a man at a gas station recognized us as sister missionaries!!! (as we were buying an ice scraper) most people wouldn't think this is miraculous but that just shows how rare it is that people know who we are ESPECIALLY if they are not of our faith! we left him with a book of Mormon! :)
·  we had transfers this week and due to messed up schedules and people getting behind and mixed up we ended up waiting a lot longer than we had planned and then because we are close to the mission home we were shuttling around missionaries going home for the entire day... but it was cool to get all of their advice and light and testimonies!
·  we met with SZ and we wanted to talk to her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to see where her testimony is with the cornerstone of the religion. so we tried to gently lead into it and then she just straight up said, "i know Joseph Smith is a prophet! i was just telling my cousin about his experience and how he is called of God!"..... well that answered our concern! on Sunday she came to church and due to Satan just full on attacking her with a myriad of events (being sick, girl probs, family probs), she ended up being late to church and she was so upset with what had happened that she spent the remainder of sacrament meeting crying in her car. we went out and comforted her and brought her into Sunday school and relief society. she really enjoyed it and she took great comfort in reading the scriptures! after church the elders gave her a priesthood blessing and she said that it made her feel a lot better about everything! it was a really powerful experience!
·  so we went proselyting out in the negatives this week! oh what fun!.... i still cant feel my face and feet....
·  we felt inspired to visit a former investigator and she was home. she right away started to tell us how it wasn't a good time and began to shut the door but it was really cool what happened as we asked her questions and listened to her concerns and the trials she has faced that we were able to find truths to testify of! we had a great conversation and she ended by telling us that she wasn't ready for religion and we testified that it would only help her in her situation but that it was her choice!
·  we have been getting member referrals!!! our recent convert EL is working on two people and then a member approached us on Sunday about a friend of hers who husband recently passed and is seeking greater comfort!
·  i got the strangest/nicest compliment from one of the members here! he told me that i have a very distinct voice. that when i talk, people listen and the spirit is immediately invited and felt. i thought that was neat of him to say that!
all in all that was my week! 
hope you all have a merry Christmas!!!!!

-Sister Roskelley

 our new car (warning: i look like a potato)

snow comparison

a beautiful scene

an ugly scene

at transfer point with my past STL!! love her!!!

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