Let it DUMP, Let it DUMP, Let it DUMP!!!!

Wisconsin has been showing its true colors this week these past couple of days with the weather!
now THIS is the Wisconsin i remember! ;)
one plus is that people are able to clearly see how dedicated we are AND they are more likely to let us in their homes!
·  Tuesday we had zone training meeting and my favorite part was where everyone got up and bore their testimony of how Christ has carried them in their missions. seeing my cute little trainee missionary bear her testimony gave me the perfect opportunity to ponder and reflect where i was when i first came out and how broken and weak i truly was and how trying to fight it took me farther away from God but how admitting it, being humble, and laying all of my broken pieces at the feet of the Savior has truly been the thing that turned those weak things into strengths! i am so grateful for the atonement!
·  we had an investigator, KT come to the scripture study class that we hold at the church and we spent the entire time teaching her the restoration using the articles of faith! some of the comments made by the people that were also at the class sort of derailed but we ended on a great note with KT saying that she is truly spiritually seeking! she grew up in Russia with a completely atheist family and lived there up until 7 years ago! she really took in everything that was said and had some AMAZING questions!!! we gave her a church tour and she is going to be at the scripture class next week!
·  we went on exchanges and it was AWESOME!!! my poor little STL was super sick so we tried to take it easy. after lunch we got a call from president informing us that he had read her email about having difficulty figuring out how schooling will work and that she might need to go home three weeks into this next transfer. he said that she needed to make a decision THAT DAY!!! *ensue panicking* we sat down and she made a ton of phone calls to try and figure out her scholarship and the options she had and amidst the chaos, the spirit was very very strong! it was amazing to see how slowly more and more her eyes were opened and she received the revelation that she needs to go home a few weeks early for school!! it was such a blessing for me to be a small part in this process and see how the Lord works!
·  we taught SZ the 10 commandments and then two days later taught her the.... law of chastity! the lesson went REALLY well! we expounded to her the doctrine and she clearly understood and agreed with all of it and then we had the two members that were with us bear their testimonies of the law of chastity, as they both had some very defining and shaping experiences with it. it was so powerful and it was neat to see that at the end of all of this my trainee looked at her and said, "i am just going to be very blunt and ask will you keep the law of chastity?" (proud mom moment!) SZ thought and then responded by asking "what does that mean to me?" we explained the changes that she would need to make in her life. she said that she wants to make those changes and she understands why she needs to and truly does believe what we taught, its just going to take some time. we left her with the commitment to figure out how, talk with her boyfriend, how she is going to keep the law of chastity. on Sunday SZ reported that she had a wonderful conversation with her boyfriend and he said that he would marry her today! she said that she will still need some time. she explained to us that she is taking this time so that she can do it right. she said that technically her boyfriend doesn't "live with her" but she recognized that she would be lying to God to overlook that aspect of her life in preparation for baptism. this girl. i have no words.
·  Friday we went to 3-6 week new missionary training and did lots of role plays and listen to lots of training!
·  we had the part member family C and JM come to the Christmas party!!!
·  my comp and i BOTH spoke in church! i got asked last Sunday and she got asked Friday night!
·  we went tracting in the snow and saw MANY MIRACLES!!!! 2 hours, one street, 4 new investigators. one was this super nice black lady who responded to our message the EXACT way that i always thought before my mission that people would! we recited the first vision of Joseph smith to her and she just said, "WOW!" then we explained the book of Mormon and she could not believe everything we were telling her! she was so glad to receive a book of Mormon and then when we asked if we could come back she exclaimed, "of course! of course! thank you SO much!!!"
i just love the Christmas season! :)
dont forget to include Christ into yours!
-Sister Roskelley


we decorated the returning less actives door! 
she wanted it puppy sand packer themed! haha

3-6 week training


my comp doing a jumping picture...... hahahaha

our teenie tiny kitchen/bedroom

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