"At Least You're Not Mormon!"


*awkward silence on doorstep*........

this is the response of the BEST/FUNNIEST thing that has EVER happened in a door approach!!! haha
this guy was super nice, he even went and put on a coat so he could stand outside and talk with us! 
so about a minute into the conversation we are talking about how many churches its hard to tell if they are man made or of God. 
then, as if to try and see our opinion on the matter, 
he said what i titled for my email, "at least your not Mormon!"........
there was a moment where we were absolutely shocked that this guy ACTUALLY said that to us....... 
then i cheerfully and confidently responded, "actually we are!!" 
hahaha he immediately began to apologize but i could tell that he didnt feel too bad because you could just see that he was seeking and hungry to learn more.
it was almost like he wanted to bring up the church!!!
we took full advantage of the misconception to teach him what we really are founded upon!
we shared the first vision and he asked if he could keep our pamphlet and then when we testified of the book of Mormon and offered him one he said,
"well i wont be able to read the whole thing before you come back but i will read it!"
boom! commitment to read and pray and to have a return appointment!
if it isn't awkward it isn't missionary work!
my companion said, "okay this guy HAS to get baptized now just for the conversion story!!!"
this is what we get for praying for prepared people! God is good to us! :)
·  another prayer was answered this week... i was feeling some of the natural man creeping in with my pride levels.. always have to keep those in check... and i got really desperate and i did the unthinkable..... i prayed for humility.... those of you who have done this know what i am talking about... when you pray for humility the Lord doesn't just magically make you humble, He gives you experiences that MAKE you humble! i am not going to go into detail with all of what happened but lets just leave it at that i got pulled over for the first time (no ticket thank goodness!) and we got locked out of our apartment and had to go tracting with whatever we could find in our bags.... there were many other things that i was hit with but it sufficeth me to say that i have been sufficiently humbled....
·  we had an awesome lesson, as usual, with SZ!! i have come to terms with the fact that it has NOTHING to do with me! she was ready for these truths and she basically guides the whole discussion with her questions and then after we explain whatever it is she goes onto bear us her testimony of why she feels that it is true. yesterday we watched the Christmas devotional. they mentioned temples and she asked what they were. we said that they are where sacred ordinances are done and where we are married. super super simple answer. follow up question: so what about members and non-members? answer: we believe that the temple is the house of God so we need to be worthy to enter into it. her response, "that makes sense." she literally astounds me every time we meet.
·  we felt like we should go back by this house where the family told us that they were too busy at the moment. they let us in and come to find out that they had member friends that have invited them to ward activities and they asked if they could come to the scripture study class that we teach! (we are hijacking the lesson TOTALLY sneaking in the restoration! :)
·  this week we got with the elders that we share the ward with and we got on the same page and miracles are going to happen!
·  we stopped by the Hmong lady again this week because she didn't call us back for an appointment and we found out that her sister-in-law passed away over the holiday. it was a wonderful experience to be able to talk about the plan of salvation and comfort her with our testimonies!
·  tracting this week we came across the craziest street! one of the stories i already shared but further down the street we had a family invite us in! as they decorated their Christmas tree they answered our survey and then they turned it back around on us and asked us the questions! it was neat to see that in contrast we, young people, had a solid understanding and testimony of those things! we also met a lady who told us that her religion is wicken and that she is a witch.... and then we had this nice Lutheran couple that told us that they loved the Mormon tabernacle choir! strange things!
·  we got in with JM again and did more service for her and while we were eating lunch, we again discussed all of the options that she had to share the gospel with her fiance and then later we asked her for a referral and then she ended up putting two and two together and said that she would talk to her fiance and see if we could teach them!!!!
·  we went caroling to less actives, investigators, non-members, and lonely members with Sis. E. (the lady we live with) and her great grand kids! after that we had dinner with the whole gang where we were able to have a great conversation with two of her less active grand children and then on the car ride back we got to teach one of her non-member great grandchildren the restoration! talk about multi-tasking!!!
we had SO MANY amazing things happen to us this week and the Lord is truly helping us to reach higher! :)
its impossible for us to NOT remember Christ this Christmas!
-Sister Roskelley

the district! we are the ONLY girls
my hair is longer than my arm!!!!
a house that went all out for Christmas
best part was the neighbor!!! hahaha
it snowed!!!!
the district! we are the ONLY girls

my hair is longer than my arm!!!!

a house that went all out for Christmas

best part was the neighbor!!! hahaha

it snowed!!!!


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