New Mom

* this was my first week of training!
let me just say, I LOVE MY COMP SISTER GIBSON!!!!!
she is literally the CUTEST thing!!!!!!
we have become fast friends and we are having a blast!!!!!!
not to mention the MANY MANY MIRACLES we have seen together already!
·  i was SO NERVOUS while we were waiting for our trainees to come and to find out who it was! once they came in and i got assigned to sister Gibson i knew everything was going to be okay! i told heavenly Father that i just needed a friend this transfer and that is just what sister Gibson is! :)
·  we had an AWESOME discussion with our recent convert RH who just got the priesthood!
·  we met with this potential investigator SZ to give her a tour of the church because she committed to come to church and MIRACLES HAPPENED!!!! i felt an instant connection as she came through the doors! we started to tell her about the church and show her around. she really liked everything and when we went to talk to her about the doctrines we teach it all made absolute sense to her!!! it was amazing! she got everything!!! we decided to end the tour by showing her the baptismal font! while we were waiting for the keys to come and she was talking about how she wanted her son baptized we explained that he would have to wait until he turns 8 (again she said it made perfect sense) and then once we opened the door to see the font she thought it was so beautiful and she asked if she could be baptized!!!!! we said that she could and she then went on to plan out how it would all go! it was AWESOME!!!!! as we walked out she told us,
"just so you know i was just going to come to church to be nice and then never come again. but now that i have seen everything and i really like it i think i really want to check this out!" we sat down and read a scripture with her and then my trainee (her first day in the field!!!!) invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!!!
·  we had an awesome ward correlation meeting and we decided to try and figure out how we can help the members create a missionary atmosphere in their homes and how we can involve the youth in missionary work!
·  we had an investigator cuss us out and drop us over the election outcome.....
·  we went tracting one evening and every door that opened we were able to either share the first vision with them, give them a book of Mormon or do BOTH!!! it was insane!
·  on Sunday, right before church is suppose to start we are asked to go get the sacrament bread! it was crazy but we had a member look out for SZ and it all worked out! SZ LOVED CHURCH!!!! she brought her cousin with her and they soaked it all up! her favorite part was Sunday school where the conversation evolved into some really deep doctrine and she LOVED IT!!!!!
·  my trainee has had a few hard times so far but she is willing to stick it out!!! we are going to make it! :D

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sister Roskelley

  bowling with the zone last p-day

sinners are welcome!!!!!!


she fell asleep during weekly planning :) she is so cute!!!!!

rocking the ginormous helping hands tees!!!! ;) love service!

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