Hittin' the Ground Runnin'!

so my comp is a runner so we have been out running in the mornings
(FINALLY i got a comp that runs! hahaha) 
but we have also been working really hard and it feels SO GOOD to get back into stride with the work!!
·  we had dinner and a lesson with the member we live with and one of her best friends SG! she isn't a member of our church and her church will be disbanding in the near future so she is looking for a different church! we discussed with her the restoration and it went really well! she loves us missionaries!
·  we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation with J&SW. they realize that they need to act on this message by reading, praying and coming to church or else the things that we are teaching wont make a difference! its what we do about the knowledge that makes the difference! we are doers of the word, not hearers only!
·  we had a great lesson with our recent convert EL! she went to the temple a few months ago and she is really trying to dig deep into the gospel so we meet with her to teach her the tools! this time we taught "likening" or applying the scriptures and it was really awesome! at the end of the lessons we asked about her friend that had met with the missionaries and she said that she would set up an appointment with her and that she also referred us to her granddaughter and is going to set up a time for us all to meet sometime after thanksgiving! i have a testimony that good member relationships = referrals!
·  we met with SZ, our miracle from last week, and we taught her part the plan of salvation. she loved all of it! she said that the things we taught her so far all makes sense! she concluded that the church was true because she said that she has been involved in religion her whole life and if she is being enlightened with just the basics of our church how much more truth must be out there for her to find!! we concluded the lessons by softly leading up to a baptism date. we said that we had prayed about a date for her to be baptized and we came up with January 7th. i was about the give it a cushion by saying that she can pray about it too and see how she feels about it but before i could do that she automatically agreed! she thought that it sounded perfect and is really excited!!!! she did express the fact that she does want us missionaries to leave because she will miss us. perfect time to testify of the church and ward family right? well before we could SZ went on to explain that very thing to us! she said that she had attended churches that she didn't like just because she wanted to feel close to God. this church has already brought her the closest she has ever been to God so no matter who is there, she will be there because that is how important that relationship is! this girl blows my mind WEEKLY! she also came to the Relief Society activity and came to a dinner at the Bishop's house. it doesnt get more solid than that!
·  i asked my cute little trainee where we should go as i handed her a stack of former investigators. she picked one out, first house of the day, the welcomed us and set up an appointment for next week! my comp is gaining so much confidence in her abilities and the Lord!!! :D
·  we met with RH, recent convert and went over the commandments! it was a great lesson! he decided to work on building his testimony of fasting AND yesterday he got his patriarchal blessing!!!!
·  we did a lot of tracting this week and we saw a lot of miracles!!!!
·  we met so many people that have friends that go to our church it was insane!
·  we went to go down this street and at our first 2 doors we got some hard core NO's (they hurt a little bit...) they were most likely people who are of another faith.... very Christ-like way to treat people... anyway the next house we were talking to this lady about what she believes, turns out she is atheist BUT she wanted to learn more and set up a return appointment with us!!! lesson: dont judge people by their denomination or current status in life!!
·  it was freezing cold and dark out, no one wanted to talk to us and this cute little hmong family invited us into their warm home!! we taught them and they agreed to a return appointment!
·  i found myself praying a lot for those who were prepared and we ran into two different gentlemen that were an answer to those prayers! one had just had the church he was attending disband and the other lived in the duplex (two houses stuck together) and the other one caught on fire and killed his neighbor but he survived and his house is just fine! excited to see where those will go!
the Lord is just pouring out the blessings upon us!!! 
i have SO MUCH to be grateful for this wonderful season!
thanks for the continued love and support!!!
-Sister Roskelley

comp and i in front of the city branch building straight outta Germany!

we cool. Lake Mizzy gang signs!

beautiful sunset.......... at 5:00..... it gets so dark so fast these days!

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