Enduring to the End With an Everlasting Friend


its funny how going through the most excruciating trials can forge the closest of bonds. 
that is how is has been for me and sister white.
which makes this goodbye all the harder!
last week we went together, with our mission leadership, humbly before the Lord to council with Him as to what He would have us do. 
before this, the entire day I had this overwhelming sense of hopelessness, discouragement, and i simply didnt know what the end goal here was. i was willing to endure, my testimony was strong, but i didnt have the understanding of what was next. this whole transfer the Lord has enlightened my mind and quickened my understanding so i knew what i needed to do butlast week, like i said, this suddenly left me. i could no longer see that next step in the fog and i realized that i must be looking in the wrong direction.
when we got without leadership and began to discuss the situation we were faced with and the options at hand, it became overwhelmingly clear to all of us, like the sun rising on a new day, what God's will is.
my dear companion will be going home this Wednesday and she will be missed!

·  i got called to train for the first time! crazy!!!!!!! any advice in the category is MUCH appreciated!
·  Keaton Haskell got called to serve in my same mission! he will arrive 3 transfers before i leave!
·  we taught S & JW the intro to the book of mormon and they really enjopyed it and soked it all up! honest seekers of truth!
·  i met T&J and that morning i found a very bold statement from preach my gospel that i felt like i needed to express to them! i wasnt sure how it was going to work but once we got in there j asked a question that i was then able to express that very idea i had studied!
·  we had interviews this week and it was amazing to have president confirm in discussion and in the blessing that he have me that i had truly fulfilled my purpose with sister white! my sacrifice was accepted!
·  we went to a game night that and investigator invited us to! a member brought us and there was a less active couple there! it was awesome!
·  we taught you recent convert EL about studying the scriptures with a question! the spirit was very strong and much revelation was received!
·  we met with KT! it started out really off track but we ended by discussing baptism and she said that she wants it!
it was a great week filled with MANY miracles!!!
see ya next week!
-Sister Roskelley

DEER in our back yard!!!
me and sister eberhardt (the lady i live with)

we did each other's hair :)

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