Toto, We Are Not in the Fox Valley Anymore......


i cant believe that i am in Milwaukee right now! it is so surreal!!!
the population here is either German or African American! not much in between....
its so cool!!!!.... its little sketchy.... okay sometimes REALLY sketchy.... but it is fun!

·  Tuesday i got a call from my mission president that i was going to be given a special assignment with the next transfer, to take care of my new companion. she was recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety and has really been struggling. for those of you who know some of the struggles i have faced and the things i have been through in my life, this is one of the greatest opportunities that i could have EVER been given. the spirit overflowed me as i KNEW that this is exactly where the Lord wants me.
·  we went tracting in Oshkosh my last day and the last door that we had time to knock on was this super nice lady who was sincerely looking for truth! it was amazing to talk with her and see how our message was exactly what she had been waiting for! often times on those days where no one wants our message i wonder if i am doing it right, if i am doing all i can to be an advocate and messenger of truth. i wonder if there is some special way to share the message so that it will be better received but when i meet those people who are prepared i realize that i didn't change a single thing about the message, the difference in their heart and that is something only God can change.
·  i got to say goodbye to QN and when i did it was so cool! i got to bear very powerful testimony of the changes i had seen him make and the path that lay ahead of him! it was a very spiritual experience!
·  PT and AT had us for dinner, then we taught NB about general conference and then AT gave me an amazing blessing! it was so hard to say goodbye to these amazing people!!!! PT pulled me aside and thanked me for all that i did to lift the ward. she said that Oshkosh was in a really bad spot and that i had lifted it through my efforts. her husband also pulled me aside and let me know that the stake president told him that he was very impressed with me. i guess you never know how much of an impact you make until you are leaving!
·  the zone leaders let the new sister for Oshkosh know that Oshkosh has carried the whole zone in numbers! hahaha
·  Wednesday i found out just how broken my new companion is but with every crack in her foundation all i can feel in compassion and love. Thursday she had a therapy session and we got in with a doctor who gave her some medicine!!! we are on the upward climb here people! building this area back up and building my comp back up!!!
·  we visited one of the recent converts, RH and had a great lesson on general conference and preparing to go to the temple!
·  we had an investigator show up to a session of conference and then a member invited us to watch it at their house and they invited some non-member friends!!!! it was awesome and conference was AMAZING!!!!!
·  we went over to try a very promising potential investigator. he wasnt home but his wife was! we talked about the message we share and she wants her whole family to learn more! she kept saying, "i dont know why my husband didnt tell me anything about this!!!" we have an appointment this week with their whole family!
great thing are happening! thanks for you love and support!

-Sister Roskelley

Walmart finds!

WML and his fam


PT and AT

SH and AH

saying goodbye to my comp! 

(she gave me a hulk hand and jolly ranchers in parting)

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