Roller Coaster


if you know me then you know that i don't particularly enjoy roller coasters but i have come to find that the roller coasters of life can be much much harder.
BUT i can say that i am learning and growing in ways that i never even imagined!
my gratitude for the good days has deepened and my fortitude for the hard days has been strengthened.
although the ride has been rocky, filled with unexpected turns, i would never wish it any other way because it has brought me that much closer to my Savior.
when we trust in Him, relying wholly upon Him for our hope and healing, and truly make Him our rock and foundation then no tempest is too great, no burden is too heavy, and no ride is too rocky.
when the ride seems too perilous and we cry out "Master! carest thou not that we parish?!?!?" it is my testimony that He always responds, "peace. be still."
·  we had an appointment with a former investigator who ended up not being home so we taught her aunt and daughter. they listened to the restoration and loved hearing what we had to say about the Savior! at the conclusion of the lesson the little daughter went to give me back the book of mormon and when i told her that she could keep it her eyes lit up and she was so excited!!
·  so Monday we got this great referral...... NOT!!!! we got a referral for a porter rawskelley that lives next door.... i think not.... good one elder roskelley! hahahaha
·  we visited the 90 year old German lady again this week and we tried to explain to her the words mascot and countenance. she is very hard of hearing so it was entertaining trying to work together to come to an understanding! at one point she simply gave up and jokingly said, "cant you just speak German?!?!?!"
·  we had the PERFECT missionary opportunity come up! we had this family scheduled for a dinner appointment. the husband talked to a guy at work about the church and invited him to learn more by coming to said dinner appointment and then he came, we taught WITH the members and were able to have a SOLID appointment!!! it sounds so simple... because it is!!! but it isn't something that happens often so it was super exciting!! hopefully it goes somewhere!!!
·  we had a book of Mormon class at the church that we had a recent convert who has fallen off the map attend!! it was such a great class and by the end the recent convert committed herself to attend church which she did! :D
thing are looking up!
God is good and He is guiding the work here!
thank you for the love, support, and prayers!
they are very much so appreciated!
-Sister Roskelley

the sister we live with!
porter's prank


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