Ministering and Administering


not gonna lie, this has been a week of testing! (and i dont have much time!)
my companions state was getting better and then Wednesday hit and on top of fighting the anxiety and depression she began to have small episodes of seizures for the past 5 days she has either been seizing or sleeping. i have been left to do all that i know how. do everything for her, cooking and cleaning, and then comforting and holding her when she seizes. we got a hold of the doctor on Saturday and he told her to stop taking all of the meds. so it today is the second day med free and it is hard. the seizures have been less but the depression and anxiety are creeping their way back in. she gets to try a new med on Thursday so we just have to endure until then and hope for the best.
on top of all of this i have been taking on the responsibility if two missionaries, trying to hold our area together.
Tuesday was a MAJOR source of light for me as we had Zone training and then i went of exchanges
we talked about becoming a Zion companionship. while training they asked what that meant and i was able to answer and bear pure testimony that becoming a Zion companionship means their burdens become your burdens.
exchanges was awesome because we saw SO many miracles where we talked to two people that were crying and the gospel was exactly what they were looking for!

the mission president is well informed of the status of my comp and the other day asked how i felt about her staying out on a mission. i refuse to give up on her i told him. we will find a solution!

keep us in your prayers!!!
-Sister Roskelley

the stl's come to visit!!

drawing explaining the situation 

exchanges with this cutie!

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