......but now i am back in! 
October 22, 2015 was the day that i came to Wisconsin and exactly a year later, October 22, 2016 i left :)
i went out of state/my mission so that i could go to the Chicago temple!!!! :)
(side note: my mission president announced this today that the Chicago temple president decided that we can no longer go to the temple so i was the last group of missionaries!!!! such a blessing!!!!)
IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh how i LOVE the temple!!!!!
i got to go with my FAVORITE people!!! one of my stl's and 2 girls from the ysa up in Appleton! we went because one of them was taking out her endowments!!!!! :D 
this was probably one of my favorite days i have ever had on my mission :)
·  this are looking up for my companion and her health! the seizures have completely stopped and now we are just managing the depression without medicine! there are still hard times, a few breakdowns here and there but the medicine she was taking really helped pulled her out of the deep of it so thats a miracle!!!!
·  so with my comp making a recovery it has been amazing to see the days fill up! the Lord truly is aware of our situation and current ability! He is carrying us!!!!
·  we got a referral from a member and we went to go contact her. we introduced ourselves and she said, "yeah, i know alla 'bout choo!!" this is where people normally then let us know they arent interested and close the door! i saw that the door was headed this direction and my mouth opened and i said a short, powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and the first vision. mid door slam she stopped and opened back up. she looked at us and then said that she remembered something about that and invited us in to answer some of her questions! we had a great discussion with her where she really felt the spirit! she agreed to start learning more! :)
·  we visited a 90 something year old German lady who is less active and she told us a story about how pres. dieter f utchdorf was her pilot many years ago! she wasn't a member at the time but wrote him a letter about a year ago and he replied!!! it was so cool!!!
·  this weekend was stake conference and MUCH revelation was received and i didnt think it was possible but my love for and my testimony of the Book of Mormon grew ten fold!!!!
mission life is going better and the work is picking up!
thanks for all of the support, prayers and love!!!! :)
-Sister Roskelley

infront of the city branch building

sporting awkward culver's bib!! :D

temple!!!!! :D :D :D

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