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this week was spent helping my companion get back to her mental and physical health. i have been her care taker 24/7 trying to lift her, help her, and motivate her. there have been many mornings here she has woken up with no desire to be alive, let alone on a mission, where the words weekly planning have brought her to tears. i have helped council her through these dark times. we are working together to beat this!

·  my comp has cried out to me many times in tears asking what she possibly has to hope for and it has really got me pondering a lot on hope and healing! we have hope because of Christ. hope in anything else will not be sufficient! he has already promised us healing we just have to ask for it, accept it, and wait patiently for the Lord's timing to come! miracles were not always instantaneous! the man born blind had to walk to the pool and then he STILL didnt receive a witness until after much trial and testing!
·  we had an investigator from Oshkosh come and take us to lunch! she opened up about the trials and struggles she has been having and we were also able to gain strength from her! :)
·  we had a super solid lesson with some less actives and they committed to come back to church!
·  we  visited a less active who lost her husband a year ago and it was really powerful to testify of the plan of salvation to her!
·  last p-day i showed my comp some songs i had written and she is a super amazing pianist and she was able to compose a piano part!!!! it is awesome! we are going to record it in a members recording studio soon!
·  we got to go to the mission home yesterday so that my companion could get a blessing from the mission president! it was amazing to hear her blessing confirm us being together! the mission president told us to focus on getting my comp to a better place and to do the work as soon as we can but not to run faster than she has strength! its really strange to be in a new area and still feel like i know nothing about it.... BUT its giving me the opportunity to rely on the Lord!!! things are looking up and we are just going to keep pressing forward!!
sorry of the short email! i got to go!
thanks for all of the love sand support!!!
-Sister Roskelley

lunch with Oshkosh gator!

follow the yellow brick road

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