LABOR (for the Lord) DAY


im emailing on a Tuesday because my mission moved our p-day so that we could spend Labor Day laboring in the Lord's vineyard! :) what a beautiful and glorious work it is!!!

·  we were able to talk with RD, the mother of the D family (that came from home teaching) and it was so neat to hear her side of the story how excited her and her husband are to check out our church! she has had a lot of hard things in her life and their family is just searching for acceptance and to feel loved and included. although RD was baptized into the church, she has never felt the healing that comes from knowing she has a Savior. we are excited to play just a small part in helping this family come unto Christ! the best part is that we get to have a front row seat to see them discover who they truly are, children of God. that identity is something that we often take for granted but it gives us everything and ties into every truth that we believe in!
·  we were helping a member move and when we went to leave, as we were walking away, CH pulled up! she is a less active member that lives in the same complex but rarely leaves her apartment! she saw us and her eyes got big and then they filled with tears of joy. she explained how at the store a lady had commented, "God puts people in our life for a reason." and we were a confirmation of that. we helped her take her groceries up and then talked with her and we set a date that she will attend church for the first time since being in the united states!!!
·   we had a great dinner with the members of a part member family and we made a game plan to "get" the non-member of their family! it was fun! :)
·  AH is still doing really great! we have been having a lot of fun getting the new member lessons done with her!
·  this week i have been making a concentrated effort to receive revelation WITH my companion and MIRACLES have happened! we have been able to get MANY new investigators this week!!!! excited to see where they will go!
·  we had our lesson with DS and he was very polite but very firm on what he believed. he agreed to disagree on many things but on the positive side, we had some SOLID members with us who made some amazing comments! we will be praying a lot for Damon!
·  we went out to Redgranite (a city in our area that i have never been able to venture out to) and we did some service for a lady who is blind and then visited other less active out there!
·  we had a great lesson with QN about patriarchal blessings! he looks forward to getting his when he feels ready!
·  we had our investigator NB cancel our appointment so we took the time to talk with the members we were going to have the appointment with and it was really amazing to see what ways we could help the members with their missionary work and then discuss ways in which they could help us and help the investigators! much revelation was received!
·  we helped CF get together a rummage sale (its what the people of Wisconsin call a garage sale) and she moved outside of our area to a friends house! we will keep praying for her!
·  among our finding efforts we also visited former investigators of the elders and can i just say.... MIRACLES!!!!! we went and visited an old couple who at one point i remember the elders raving about so we went over to try them. we knocked on the door... and nothing.... we knock a few more times....... and nothing...... sad, we go to leave. my comp is in the car and i heard a faint noise coming from the garage! we went over and the husband was in the garage!!! he was so happy to see us! he told us how he was a pastor and then due to health problems he ended up in the hospital. while in the hospital his condition got very serious and he actually was dead for a period of time. during this period of time he explained to us that he went to heaven. i cant really share much of what he said or even convey an ounce of the spirit that was there but it was one of the most spiritual experiences that i have ever had in my life. standing outside this man's garage, listening to his story. he went on to explain exactly what we believe! he talked about the spirit world and many other truths that we have come to know that he did not know previous to this experience. he then explained how many people do not believe him. we told him that we did and related his experience to that of Joseph Smith! he told us how in heaven there were no denominations and then said that it was explained to him that there are many church where God is not welcome, that they do not want him there. he then quoted Joseph Smith! he said "they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof." needless to say........ we are excited to work with them!!!!
·  another former of the elders was from Congo!!! they are refugees here and were eager to hear what we believed! the one that is most interested doesn't speak English so we have to coordinate to have family members that can translate! super humble! super prepared!
·  we were knockin' doors and this big very intimidating man answered the door. my companion literally took a step to stand behind me as he stepped out onto his porch! we started to talk with him (yes, i was intimidated) but we began to do the survey with him and before we had gotten in past the second question this tough guy let out all of these concerns and questions that he has with religion. he could see the faulty of the religions around him and it had led him to not believe in any of them. we then told him about Joseph smith and how he had those very same concerns! we told him the answer Joseph got, that none of the church were true. we asked him what he thought of that and he said, "that sounds like exactly what i just said!" he believed that Joseph smith's story was true and we invited him to find out the truthfulness for himself through reading the book of Mormon. he said he would and that he would talk to his wife and then call us to set up an appointment!!!!!
·  one of the formers was not interested but gave us a pen and a pocket knife with his name and number! hahaha
·  Sunday we had a new family in the ward! they were a family of refugees that moved from Pakistan (due to persecution from the Muslims, they literally had to move every few months and they tried to kidnap their daughter 2 times!!!) then to SriLanke (where they were baptized into our church in April 2016) a month after being baptized they moved to the united states and finally got settles in Oshkosh! we had a great visit with them yesterday and while we were there the father told us in broken English all of the things that hey had been through and the things that they continue to endure due to the Muslims.
·  we had a great visit with a devout christian of her own faith and she shared with us an experience where she was feeling so worthless and full of sin. the spirit spoke to her and told her to remember a time where she felt loved by God. then she was told that God is not restricted by time. He loved her then knowing where she would be now. it is my testimony that God never gives up on us! He loves us then, now, and ALWAYS!!!
·  we were out knockin doors and this black lady answered the door and in response to us asking if we could do a survey with her she invited us in! it was strange but i was grateful! we started the survey and by the 3rd or 4th question we asked if she studied the bible to which she responded i usually do bible studies. we asked with what religion and she said yours! she just moved from Chicago a few months ago and was learning from the missionaries down there!!!! she said i thought that the missionaries down there sent you!!!! i was just texting them when you knocked on my door!
·  Saturday night i got sick and then Sunday i felt that i still needed to fast and continue to do the work. i got a blessing after church and then we went tracting the rest of the day. i have never had so many doors slammed in my face. we pressed forward and were able to get our goal of 14 first vision lessons this week, despite the many set backs and the weariness of my body. the sacrifice was well worth it as this week we were able to get 14 new and potential investigators.
-Sister Roskelley

                                                        comp and i in the downtown

my comp with an ugly mutt

me in front of the public library

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