Headed to Milwaukee!!!!


so we just found out about transfers and i am going down to Milwaukee to be in the Lake Michigan ward! 
the craziest part is that i will be joining my last companion sister white!!! #thisneverhappens

Highlights (this email is going to be shorter because i have to pack!!! :)
·  the former bishop and his family threw a birthday party for me! they invited two less active girls my age so that was really fun!
·  we had some time to tract before district meeting and we met this awesome guy who bore his testimony to us about how life is all about having perspective and understanding God more! we shared the First Vision with him and gave him a book of Mormon! he told us that his ex-wife was Mormon and that he knew that the LDS people were very kind, spiritual people and he was willing to meet with us again!!!
·  Tuesday we had literally every appointment cancel on us...... even our dinner appointment!! my only thought was, "Heavenly Father must have someone REALLY special that we are suppose to meet for Him to clear our schedule like this!!! let's go tracting!!!!!!" ;D  well we went out to Omro and we taught 5 first visions, gave out 3 Book of Mormons, and got 3 new investigators!!!!! it was TOTALLY worth it!!!!! even though we were maliciously devoured by mosquitoes! my bite count was 30!!!!!!
·  the last door we knocked was our last new investigator we got! we knocked the door and a shirtless drunk man answered the door (this is not an uncommon scene in Wisconsin...). he said, "oh! religious people! i dont believe in anything! i will go get my wife!" a few minutes later this sweet humble and kind lady steps out onto the porch, apologizes for her husband and is willing to do our survey. we started doing it and not far into it she begins to cry telling us of the spiritual experiences she has had with God and how she doesn't have a church to go to. we taught her the first vision and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was eager to meet again! we went back later in the week and taught her the full restoration! she was very enveloped in our message and by the end we invited her to baptism. she said that she truly did want to be baptized and once she knew t our church to me true she was going to be!!!!
·  we did family history again with QN! he loves it!!!
·  we had a lesson on faith with DS to try and give a foundation to his testimony. he received our message okay but did not accept any of the invitations we gave him. the next day he texted us to drop us :\
·  we visited with EG (former of the elders) and he talked to us about how his wayward children are weighing very heavily on his heart so we shared Alma the younger's story! it was a great discussion!
·  women's conference was AMAZING!!!! i loved all of the speakers!!!!!!
anyway, i gotta get going!!!!!
have a blessed week!!!
-Sister Roskelley

birthday cake #2

the district

Wisconsin cows! MOOOOOOO!!!!!

cow selfie

signing the legendary desk!

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