Happy Birthday To Me, I Turned Twenty!!!

it's true! i am officially out of my teens.... but i still don't feel like an adult..... not sure if or when that feeling will ever hit....

·  AH (recent convert) and SH (less active) have been having some newly married probs so we taught them a nifty tool from preach my gospel! comp inventory!!!!! we also finished the new member lessons with AH yesterday! she is really excited to work towards to ward temple trip!
·  we got to meet with the less active member of a part member family and talk about the challenges they face and testify of how the gospel is what their family needs! we set up an appointment to meet up and teach some of the non-members of the family!
·  we had an appointment with NB and we discussed baptism right off of the bat! he picked the date of his birthday (Dec 23) we are excited to support him as he works toward that!!! the lesson was on the priesthood and he is really excited to be able to have that shortly after baptism! he feels the best when he is serving others and he feels that the priesthood will give him that opportunity to look outside of himself!
·  we did family history with QN this week to prepare him to go to the temple and he LOVED it! he isn't super tech savvy but is picking it up!
·  we met with DS and he said that he wanted to show us his notes he had taken while reading the Book of Mormon.... the kid annotated all of first nephi and the beginning of 2 nephi!!!! i couldn't believe all that he was grasping! we went over "after death" in the plan of salvation and he really loved it!!! he attended mutual again and said that he loved it!
·  we had zone conference this week!!!!! president gave an amazing discourse on the atonement, they revived the 14 first vision goal and the 7 points, and sister Williams gave a great training on our mission becoming more like Zion!
·  we ran into the gator from Chicago again! we always catch her at the perfect time!
·  we followed up on a referral, having only an address, we visited a couple times without success. Then the next day we had the prompting to go try again RIGHT NOW, so we did. we found the couple home but they had their own church and were not interested. As we were getting back into our car we remembered what the Preach My Gospel section said about referrals: “Perhaps you have been led to this person because someone else in the home or neighborhood is ready for the gospel.”  we followed that council and began tracting that street. At the last house we met Seth. He talked to us on the porch and listened with interest to the Message of the Restoration. He loved the message of the First Vision and was very interested in the Book of Mormon. we are very excited to start teaching him and his 6 year old daughter!!!!
·  we had 6 non-members at church!!! 2 of them were our investigators and the rest wre brought by members!!! 
·  we decided with is being my 20th birthday we were going to stretch ourselves from getting just 14 first vision to getting TWENTY this week!!!! with the Lord's help we did it!!!!!!! :D

thanks for all of the love and support and especially all of the birthday wishes!!!!!
-Sister Roskelley

this member sewed me a dress for my birthday!!!

selfie with the dress!!! (slightly obsessed)

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