Goin' On a Gator Hunt!


we have been hunting out them gators this week! (investiGATORS)
trying to get new ones and trying to get in with our new ones!!!

·  we had a SOLID lesson with NB. we read in Enos with him and we only got like half way through the book because we were having such a great discussion!!! PT (his recent convert fellowshipper, missionary extraordinaire) brought up a question that NB actually answered and he told her that she needed to pray! at the end we testified that he deserves to have his burdens lifted from him, to have a end to his wrestle with God and we committed him to pray for a date to be baptized!
·  we talked to QN about family history and him going to the temple! our ward set a date for that so we are excited for him to be able to go down to Chicago! (one day Wisconsin will have a temple!)
·  we saw DS and we had a great lesson about the plan of salvation! this lesson we focused on seeing him as a child of God and to treat him according to that and that was why the lesson went well this time! afterwards he came with us to mutual! it was a combined activity and he had a BLAST!!!
·  we decided to contact a referral we had received. not once but TWICE! she ended up being a slightly frazzled lady but ultimately she seems to be an honest seeker of truth. not having Christ as her foundation has driven her to the edge a bit and she was just crying out to us for help. we are trying to do everything we can to bring her this truth! she has a lot of questions but it was very easy to see how these restored truths are going to give her peace!
·  we FINALLY got in with this less active/part member family we have been trying for months! we talked about all of the blessings that they have seen from the gospel and made a game plan on how to help the non-members in their family feel those blessings!
·  we got to do service for our Ward Mission Leader's wife as she is getting ready to have their third child! the baby came a month early and was delivered yesterday!!!!!!!!!!
·  we helped a super solid lady move out of our ward..... i keep telling these people that i wont help them move in hopes they will stay because our super small ward, with branch-like attendance, needs everyone we can get!!!
·  we went to go try one of our potential investigators we met last week and when we knocked on the door she immediately opened the door and needed our help with something! she just had eye surgery and was looking for an important document she needed. we helped her out and she marveled at our impeccable timing and how she knew we were truly servants of the Lord
·  we were tracting and around the corner came WC, our new gator from Chicago! we didnt know if we would see her again and so it was a blessing on both ends! she told us that one of the elders down in Chicago was from Appleton.... i knew him before he left on his mission!!!!!!
·  we were trying potentials from a year ago and with one of them we went up to the door and the person we were looking for no longer lived there BUT the lady that lived there currently had family members that were Mormon and wanted to meet again!!!
·  Sunday we got a new bishop! the crazy thing is...... the new bishop has been here less than 3 weeks!!!!!! we just helped him move in!!!!
·  Sundays seem to be our make it or break it days with goals (which means it is where we see all of the miracles!!!) and this Sunday was no exception! we had done a lot of finding this weekend with not a lot to show. we were 2 new investigators shy of meeting our goal of 5 with only 30 minutes before and appointment. the spirit came and i immediately knew where we needed to go. we knocked the door of this potential investigator that we have tried like 6 times every time getting a stop by in a few weeks BUT this time they set up a solid return appointment which made it so that we met all of our goals!!!!
·  we saw the Pakistani family again and we started the new member lessons wth them.... it was surprising how little they knew about the restoration..... and the Book of Mormon......... but that is why we do this!
·  we got AH geared for going to the temple and doing baptisms for the dead!!!!!!
·  we had a lot of experiences this week where we would testify of the first vision with all of our hearts and they would think its amazing, we bear pure testimony on the Book of Mormon, and they would want a copy.... and then............. they wouldn't set a return appointment....... it was really hard and by the end of Saturday it had kind of gotten to me. i had a discouraged and lost feeling inside of me that carried over to Sunday morning. during studies i got my the answer to my hard time, i needed to forget myself and go to work! i needed to put the past behind me and not allow it to define me. to only allow God to define who i am and what i will become! faith is not confidence that we will meet a specific end goal but true faith is confidence in our Savior, Jesus Christ! knowing that no matter the outcome, everything will work out for our good! 
im learning lots, i am loving lots, and it has been a pleasure to spend my entire 19th year serving the Lord as His missionary! i look forward to what the big 20 has in store! :)
thanks for all of the love and support!
-Sister Roskelley

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