Week' o' WORK!!!

we have been up to our eye balls in work this week with the elders being gone!!!
we had 9 meals provided, 8 service opportunities, 7 members come out with us, and we spent 4 days outside of Oshkosh!
to top it all off, we are suppose to do weekly planning Thursday but we were so jam packed that we didnt get it started and done until yesterday!!!
·  we got a call a week ago from a member informing us that a family friend of theirs found out that she has cancer in her brain! they went over and talked with her and they found out that after being devout Catholics for their whole lives, they tried to get hope and healing from their church and couldn't find any. they realized how hollow the catholic church is. the members then went on to explain things like the restoration, the priesthood, and eternal families! (BTW these members have only been in the church for 2 years!) and then offered to give the family members blessings. the member contacted us because due to health issues he could fast for the blessing so we fasted for him! the blessings went really well! they gave the mom a book of Mormon afterwards! later they heard that this situation has been especially hard on the 16 year old. when she got the book of Mormon and understood what is was she went to her parents and said, "i knew that there had to be more about Jesus Christ than what we have!!!" just months earlier she had gone to her parents asking if there was more and here was her answer!!! they are planning to attend church and the members told us that they will be inviting them to take the lessons as soon as possible!!!! my testimony of working witht hte members just continues to grow each and every week!!!! "alone we can go faster but together we can go farther!!"
·  crazy thing happened while tracting.... someone invited us in!!!! it was crazy! hahaha they were Messianic Jews and they basically preached to us the whole time....
·  we taught AH the first two new member lessons and they are going well!!!
·  we went tracting out in Ripon and actually found a person who knew who we were! it is very rare that we come across people in Wisconsin who have even heard of our church!
·  we went on exchanges! i went to the YSA and we had some awesome appointments and i learned a lot!!! 2 of the return appointments we had dropped us right then and there.... the first one was Lutheran and he went to his pastor to tell him about us and his response was "there is no such thing as the true church. we are all just doing our best with what we have." the craziest part about that was the guy actually was okay with that!!!! what?!?! the second was a catholic family. at first they agreed with what we said and then once we hit the restored priesthood they flipped out and got super defensive just trying to prove (mostly to themselves) that they are right. it was really sad.
·  we had two appointments with less actives where they basically told us how they were offended about some little thing and that was it. they weren't coming back. so sad to see. that is why it is a conversion to Christ NOT a conversion to the people!
·  we had the most solid lesson with NB!!! he is the investigator that we inherited from the elders! we decided to start the lessons over with him so we watched the restoration and at the end my companion and the member that was with us were both bawling their eyes out. it was amazing to see that with out testimonies fed by that wonderful reminder of Joseph smith's story we were able to testify very boldly and very powerfully of the restored gospel! we invited him to baptism and he said, "thats the goal!" he wants to investigate further and really make sure he is willing and ready to commit!
·  we had mission tour with 2 of the seventies! elder ringwood and elder cordon! it was amazing!!!!!! i was in a small group that did a musical number and all of the messages seemed to be tailored exactly to my needs! so much revelation! it was beautiful!!!!
·   we played a prank on elder Miller (one of the former Oshkosh elders) he just happened to be included in the zones that were in our session of the mission tour! as we explained, the apartment was horrible and full of trash.... so we decided to get all of the most random things and put them in a box addressed to him and we told him that it came the day he left! hehehe :) pay back!
·  we helped a new family move into our ward!!!!! YES! the YW and YM have now doubled!!!!! when we were helping them the father gestured to the soon to be living room and he said, "this sisters, is where you will teach investigators!" YES!! we are loving how involved the members are!
·  we got back into Oshkosh at 8:00 after being out in Fremont and we decided to contact a referral we had received that wanted a Book of Mormon! DS was home and he was so excited to get it! he is 17 and told us he is autistic but he is very high functioning! he is very interested in religion.... even though he claims to be atheist and agnostic..... as he talked with us he found that many of our beliefs matched up! he not only agreed to come to church but he actually came!!!!! we got him acquainted with the YM's leaders and the leader and his wife are going to be at the nest lesson!!!!
·  i gave a talk this week!!!
·  we had a really solid comp inventory this week where we both just opened up and now we are going to be able to progress and work together to better ourselves and Oshkosh!
we are surviving and the lord if giving us strength!!!
have a great week!!!
-Sister Roskelley

selfie with president Williams photo bombing!!!!

picture with the majority of the sisters i came out with!!!

sister carlini who is now an stl in green bay!!!

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