Time is FLYING by!!!


i thought of this email title an hour AFTER emailing last week and i was so sad that i didn't think of it earlier that i am using it THIS week! :)
plus, it fits PERFECTLY with transfers being next week (praying that sis ah mu and i get to stay together), i just pasted my 10 moth mark yesterday, and my 20th birthday is in a month!!!!!!!

stuff is happenin' in OSHKOSH!!!!!
·  we had a few appointments cancel so we contacted a family in our ward who is relatively new and asked if we could help them get in contact with his home teaching families! home teaching here is basically missionary work because there are SO many less active and part member families and non-member's on record! we are trying to get involved as we can with partnering with the members! we visited with one family and they were VERY less active but their story was cool! they were converted by a family in Appleton (shout out to my birth place!!!) and their son went on a mission, got married and then on the way to a temple trip the son and daughter-in-law died in a car accident. that was the start of their doubts and questions and ultimately their inactivity. fast forward and the dad is now 80 years old and the cool thing about this story is that he still wears his son's CTR ring!
·  we went on exchanges!!!!! which meant that i got to have sister quist who served in Oshkosh a year ago! it was fun to see all of her old friends! it was especially awesome for her to be able to see QN because she was in the first companionship to knock on his door! it was a sweet reunion and as we walked away she said, "he has changed so much!!!" she explained that the most common phrase for him to say in their lessons was that it was too hard but now he is happy and positive and has turned his life around!
·  this week we make history again! we got in with this family who has been less active for a couple of years. they are a super solid family with kids that are active in the ysa but the parents made some poor choices and are struggling with coming back because of that BUT this past week we got into their house! this is the first time that missionaries have made it in in MONTHS!!! the mom answered the door, let us in and chatted with us! we talked about past callings that she has had and different positive associations with the church and we ended with a prayer which her active son said. later he told us that it was a HUGE miracle that we made it in the front door because he had just knocked on the front door and gotten no answer and had to go through the back door! and then it was an even bigger step for her as he accounted that during the prayer his mom was crying! hopefully we will be able to continue to make progress with them!
·  we were out trying less actives in Ripon and we decided to talk to this lady that was sitting on her lawn. she ended up being super humble and kind. she said that she was simply looking for a church to join that was family centered! super excited to start teaching her!
·  we went to a dinner appointment with a family in our ward and we were expecting to have it with their less active daughter but she cancelled on them last minute (glad we aren't the only ones....) but it was really neat to be able to focus our message on the members and how they should still have hope for their lost sheep. the mom cried as she told us how all she wants for her daughter is for her to be married in the temple and she had little hope that she would do that. we testified of the atonement to her and how it can heal her. it reminded me of my parents how they simply wish the best for me and then it reminded me of my Heavenly Parents as they too mourn when i mourn and want to bless me and help me. our Heavenly Father loves us so much and wants success for us so badly that he gave his only begotten son, that through his sacrifice we can overcome our weaknesses and achieve those things that He has always wanted for us!
·  my comp had a little bit of a break down this week so the work slowed down a bit but it was really cool to testify to her just as we testify to our investigators. she made remark that we spend all day administering to others and it was quite the change to be able to be administered to. i love her and i keep praying that i will be able to be a strength to her and help her grow and overcome!!!!
·  so Thursday evening was a whirl wind...... we got a call from the elders and our ward mission leader at the same time telling us that they went to visit S&AH's house and there were a bunch of people there, it was super loud, it smelled like weed and smoke and had basically become a druggie house over night! they stopped by just to see how they were doing and they were told something that broke my heart....... SH smoked...... he had been clean for almost a month, which was what the bishop had decided would be the requirement for him to baptize his wife AH. he was so close!!!!!! it just kills me! he was a week away. ugh! it was so disappointing! AH is still set for baptism but we had worked so hard to make sure they would BOTH be ready. we went over and told them how sad we were but that we would still be moving forward with them and they still have the goal to be sealed in the temple! we definitely stopped and got ice cream after that to fill the cracks in our hearts :'(
·  we got in with another of a member's home teaching families for him and it was FULL Of non-members who agreed to come to church! we are very hopeful about working with them and it has been neat to see the blessings that come from working with members!
·  we had a lesson with our hobo D and he is so solid i cant even comprehend! this lesson was especially great as we had the member that we have been working on his home teaching with! we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he agreed to be baptized when he finds out the church is true! this is a HUGE step from the first time we met with him! he told us that he,"was not looking for a church to join." when we talked about it at the beginning of the lesson he expressed that he had already been baptized. we went on to testify of the restoration of the priesthood and then i looked at him squarely and said, "i know you said that you are not looking for a church to join but we are not inviting you to join just another church. there are plenty all down the road that you could join but that is not what we are inviting you to do. we are inviting you to join the true church of Jesus Christ that was restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph smith which brought the priesthood power back onto the earth. so once you receive a witness that the book of Mormon is true will you be baptized?" he said yes :)
·  AH passed her baptism interview!!!!! :D
have a great week all!!
thank you for all of the love and support!!!!
-Sister Roskelley


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