Taking Over ALL of Oshkosh!!


we have finally conquered all of Oshkosh!!!!
just kidding.... kind of....
with transfers this week me and sister ah mu are staying together 
AND the Oshkosh elders got doubled out and their area is closing and we now cover their area along with our own!!
totally up for the challenge!!!

·  first and foremost, AH got baptized!!!!! it was a frazzling day for us but we got everything put together and the service was absolutely wonderful! AH was crying and just had a permanent smile! we had members bring two of our investigators, we shared the first vision during the intermission, and then we gave church tours afterwards!!!! it was a success!!! after the tour our investigator CF had a mental and emotional break down where she just started crying. we pulled her aside, talked with her, and then asked if she would like a priesthood blessing. we offered in the past and she said no but this time she said yes! we had our ward mission leader do it and afterwards she told us that she felt as if a weight had been lifted and then after not attending church for several weeks in a row, she told us that she would be attending!
·  we had a surprise Zone Training this past Tuesday which was exactly what i needed! it was such a great spiritual refresh! the morning of ZTM i was feeling rather distraught and came across Alma 31:25-38. this is a missionary prayer given by alma who is brought down by the wickedness of the people (Wisconsin is FULL of sin) and he just prays for comfort, strength to endure, and success and then he goes on to pray for his "fellow laborers" i said last week that my comp was struggling a bit and after ZTM i read that scripture to her replacing their names for ours. it was very powerful and we both felt the power of our calling!
·  on the way home from Ripon (small town 30 minutes outside of Oshkosh, yes it is still well inside of our huge area) we called CF and we read the scriptures with her and it was just so amazing to hear her say the promise in the introduction so confidently!
·  we shared the first vision with a couple in the park and they soaked it all up! the man was planning on studying to become a pastor for the Lutheran church and they were very interested in what we were saying! we asked if we could share more with them at another time and they declined. the man said, "if we are suppose to meet again i am confident that God will bring you back into our lives." my first thought: haven't you ever heard that you shouldn't tempt God??? my second thought: challenge accepted!!! ;) hahaha
·  we had a member call us and ask us to come with him for his visiting teaching appointment with a less active woman. we have invited her many times to come back to church but using the members relationship with her and his ability to give her a ride (no one in Oshkosh has a car...) she actually agreed to come! we love working with members!
·  for QN's lesson this week we talked about how he can find answers to his questions without injuring his testimony! it was a really powerful lesson! QN got ordained to the priesthood this past Sunday!
·  we met with the relief society president this week. she told us her awkward conversion story... it was pretty crazy! hahaha i didn't realize that Satan also attacks people by making super uncomfortable situations! and then we talked with her about the relief society's current push for visiting teaching and how we would like to be a resource to the sisters! we were even able to give her information on the less active she visit teaches!
·  so like i said last week we got a referral for a part member family last week from a member we helped with his home teaching and we stopped by this week and they are SO excited to learn more! its awesome to see such a desire in these people!!!
·  this week our ward had a farewell for a family who will be moving out of the ward and they will be taking half of the youth with them leaving us with one active young woman and 2 young men..........
·  we went out to Winneconne to try some potentials and then the sunset came so we ran over to a member's dock and took pictures!!!!
this week was great and i am excited for the challenges and miracles that are ahead!
thanks for the love and support!
-Sister Roskelley

last district picture before transfers!

the baptism!

on a dock out in Winneconne at sunset :)

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