MONDAY MIRACLES from the mission office

Sister Roskelley and Sister Ah Mu in Oshkosh share this Preach My Gospel Miracle: 
Oshkosh is FULL of less-actives, so we've made a binder full of all the less-actives and all the information we have on them, and we continue to do every time we learn more. 
With the information we have, we reached out to ward members who visit and home teach these less-actives. We were able to help them get to know who they were, and got them excited to go visit them. As we've been able to help one member with his families, he's been so willing to help us in teaching our investigators! We are excited to start teaching our investigators in their home. 
We had read in Preach My Gospel what an asset ward organizations are in the work so we've been really utilizing the wards visiting teaching and home teaching programs. Our relationship and trust with the members has grown. They have learned to rely on us and we on them!

Through one member we were working with, we were able to get a family! He had visited one of them that we gave him information on and he found out that the wife was a long time less-active and the rest of her kids and her husband aren’t members at all. So through him we were able to find this new family to teach!! We are so excited!! :D 

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