this week was a scorcher!!!! thank goodness the rains came at the end of the week and cooled us down!
i swear i saw steam as the rain hit the cement! hahaha

·  so this week we volunteered every morning at the Experimental Aircraft Association as they had their annual Air-venture! we passed out papers to all of the venders and then we passed them out at the front gate as people came in! we greeted people from all over the WORLD!!!! Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Guatemala, you name it!!!! it was awesome and we met some awesome people!!! the spirit of aviation is a real thing!!!
·  we saw A&SH a few times this week teaching them about family history, eternal marriage, and the law of chastity! she is all set for baptism!
·  we were working so hard this week that my poor comp kept falling asleep EVERYWHERE this week! she literally fell asleep, pen in hand, updating a teaching record!
·  this week int he park we had quite a few interesting stories! we went up to this lady and she asked the golden question: how your church different than mine? we answered it with the first vision. she was happily standing there listening and then all of a sudden turned super accusatory towards us asking what things her church was missing. we went on to kindly explain an example such as baptisms for the dead. she full on attacked us asking for bible references for everything and said how we were wrong. i got out my bible and kindly relayed the verses to her. she took a long time to read each of them and then her expression softened and she thanked us for the information and references and said that she would be looking into our church. what? most successful bible bash in the history of missionary work! the secret: dont bash back!
·  we saw CF and she is still really struggling with getting her life together. the hope and fire that she once had has now turned into doubt and hopelessness. she vented and we testified how the gospel is what is going to make the difference in her life! the member we had with us was easily able to relate to her situation and was able to bear her testimony of hew the gospel has mad e a difference in her life! she committed to come to church with the member! unfortunately she fell down the stairs Saturday night and ended up with a severe concussion that landed her in the hospital so she couldn't make it! Satan is making a very concentrated attack on this poor girl! i feel like we are fighting a battle trying to keep her hopeful!
·  we got a crazy referral that we called to try and contact and the guy went on to tell us how the bible is crap and that he knows south park to be a trusted resource about the Mormon church.... that is where you wish them a good day and hang up the phone....
·  one of our new investigators from the park showed up for the appointment! he is Moroccan and is here to study at the university! he is so cool and is so willing to listen! we were ableto help him download the Book of Mormon in french and now we are just trying to find a member who speaks french....
·  a random Mormon family here for EAA called out to us from their car! the reason why it is making my email is because this is the FIRST TIME on my mission where this has happened! we never see members outside of the chapel! it made my day so to all of you who yell out, honk at, or say hi to the missionaries as you pass them on the street, THANK YOU!!!!
·  satruday our schedule was crazy and when we finally figured out why it was awesome! our entire schedule worked out perfectly so that we could meet with one of our park finds from the week before! he was super SOLID!!! he was 30 minutes lat e to the appointment but he kept apologizing and saying that he knew he just had to come! we taught him the restoration and he LOVED it! we talked about priesthood and prophets and he was super excited to learn more about Thomas S Monson! after the lesson he told us how he was with his friends before coming there and he said that they were all wondering where he was going and why he was going. he told them that he just knew he needed to come! he held up the Book of Mormon and said, "this is more important!" that image will forver be ingrained in my brain! i told him it is!!!! we then thanked him for meeting with us and walked away as we freaked out over what just happened! the scriptures arent joking when they say, "how great shall be your joy!"
·  yesterday a member brought their EAA guests from CHINA and we gave them a tour of the church! they loved it and gladly accepted a Book of Mormon is Mandarin!
·  we met with QN and his home teachers and had a solid lesson focused on him receiving the priesthood! next week its going to happen people!!!
thats all i got for this week!!!!
it has been an exhausting and amazing week!!!
the Lord is good to us and gives us the strength that we need but only as we trust in Him!!!

-Sister Roskelley

me and the comp

the paper team at EAA

my tag in front of the tree of life! ;) hahaha

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