***to be said like state farm's ad, "we are farmers...."***

our zone said this as a chant at our last training, as our mission's ultimate goal is to be a Zion mission as we follow the 7 points that our mission president has introduced!
that is..... right before the point of translation because we all plan on making it home after this! hahahaha
as my comp and i have done everything in our power to fulfill the mission president's focus, the Lord has been endowing us with power and we have truly felt successful in our missionary work, despite the actual outcome of our efforts, because we know that the outcome is due to people's agency! this week was one with much trial but was we trusted in the Lord and were patient in "the trial of our faith" we were able to overcome!

·  generally i try to be an optimistic person but last p-day was literally the worst p-day i have ever had. it just seemed like Satan was making an extra effort to distract us and frazzle us! it was so hard but we made it! some of the things that happened was 100% of our appointments cancelled, someone from sister ah mu's home ward made a surprise visit after emailing last week (don't ever do this to a missionary, it is literally the worst! like obviously a kind gesture but it messed us up), and then we got a call telling us that DM would not be baptized. she told her mom about her desire to be baptized and her mom shut it down and is not allowing it.
·  our zone started a workout competition and my comp and i have been KILLING it! hahaha in the first 4 days we had over 600 points where the rest of the zone is at 400 or lower! its nice to have a little bit of competition and it reminds me of my crossfit days!
·  in church last week we had a lady turn to us and ask us if we knew much about the temple. we were a bit confused but said a hesitant yes. she responded that she wanted to get her temple recommend and wanted us talk about it with her so she would be ready! so we saw her this week! she has been a member for 16 years but hasn't been super active but wants to return to activity! we were able to share with her the importance of the temple and how it is truly a place where families can be together forever. she had a lot of questions because her being a convert, her family doesn't fit into the "perfect mormon family" mold. we were able to give her answers to which she said we had relieved 1,000 pounds! that those concerns had always weighed heavy on her heart. she cried at the end of our time together and it was neat to be the means that she received the answer to a question that she spent years worrying about. ask and ye shall receive.
·  we met with the guy that we met last week at lunch!! he was full of some really great questions and we were able to have a really great discussion! our discussion was mostly centered on why the restoration was so important and how the Lord expects us to live a certain way. (yes the law of chastity and tithing came up) but it was good! when testifying of the truths that were lost with Christ's death, i felt prompted to ask him what school subject he was into. he responded by saying math. immediately an analogy clicked into my head! i explained that when the great apostasy happened the fullness of the gospel was lost. the fullness of the gospel is like an equation. we have to plug in x and then we can see how it works but when christ died it was like we no longer knew what x equaled. people tried to plug in different things for x but it was never exactly what Christ taught x to equal, until joseph smith, seeing that things were missing, asked and was able to restore the full equation, or the fullness of the gospel! so nice to see my math education actually going towards something!!! ;)
·  we visited QN this week and he is all ready to receive the priesthood! :D 
·  we finally got to see CF again but she is super stressed! she quit her job, she has been trying to get back and forth from appleton (where her sister lives) without a car, and she has been having to go down to milwaukee to the children's hospital because her daughter has a rare blood disease. she was so frazzled that she didn't even have the brainpower to set a return appointment! if anyone needs the gospel, and wants the gospel it is this lady! life just needs to settle down enough for us to consistently meet with us and her life will change! we aren't going to teach her how to overcome her challenges on her own, we aren't going to get her a job she loves, or get her the car she needs but we are going to give her the gospel which gives people more hope and healing than any of those worldly things!
·  we had some SOLID finding in the park this week and we are hopeful that the return appointments will stick!!!
·  we helped the member we told you about last week and it was really awesome! she just kept telling us how long it would have taken her to do all of these things and how grateful she was! :) it was nice to fulfill a part of my baptismal covenant as we learn from alma that "as ye are desirous to come into the fold of God, and to be called his people" we need to be "willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light; Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in"
·  we visited this sweet old less active lady out yonder and it was so nice to talk with her. she said that she had not been visited in ages!
·  we got a solid return appointment with one of the former investigators in the area book!
·  we had lunch with this super old part member family and had a great gospel centered discussion and we left them with the temples and families pamphlet!
·  so we went to meet with D this week (the 40 year old homeless man that we met in the park) and he didn't show up! we waited a solid 20 minutes and then concluded that he wasnt coming... we slowly went to drive away... 5 minutes later he texted us saying that he was at our meeting spot! we went back and he explained to us that his ride didn't come so he biked all of the way there in the rain! this guy is seriously so cool! he told us that he has been working a ton so that he can get his own apartment! we are excited for him for all of the temporal things he is accomplishing and we are even more excited for all of the spiritual progression he has made! we shared the temple with him and then went into a very in depth plan of salvation lesson that he just soaked up!!!!
·  yesterday we were worried about meeting our goals but as we trusted in the Lord he led us to those that were prepared! yesterday we talked to 9 people in the park and we shared the first vision with every person we talked to!!! it was a HUGE miracle!!!!
·  we felt like we should go visit this part member family and they were home for once!!! the mom, the member, had a great time talking with us and we talked about her conversion and the things she loves about the church and then we didn't really even have to ask, she just told us that the reason she fell away from the church was because as a single parent she felt that her family would not be together forever. we testified that we knew that God loves her and that he will take care of her and her family! God does not intent to make just some of his children happy, he wants ALL of them to be with their families forever even if our families don't fit the "perfect mormon" mold. we asked what she thought of that answer and she responded by saying it was the clearest answer that she had received in 13 years!!!! i love testifying of eternal families and i know that it is something that is promised to ALL of us!
have a great week all!
love the Lord. trust the Lord!

-Sister Roskelley

if you give a giant a BOM....

me in front of the star wars themed airplane!!!!!


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