Warmest Wisconsin Welcome to President Williams!!!!!


this week we met our new mission president and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! we had a meeting last Saturday and he hand his wife are so friendly and kind! our mission is lucky to have them!!!!
this week was crazy with president Cutler leaving and president Williams coming and then the fourth of July and then transfers tomorrow! 
we have just been holding onto our seats this week!!!!

·         we took a rode trip out to the far reaches of our area this week and that is why we have those beautiful pictures of that dock! we stopped by and were able to strengthen many less actives and members alike!!
·         our ward had family kickball and CF and her girls came to it and LOVED it!!! they fit SO perfectly into our ward!
·         this week when we went to evergreen i was talking with one of the ladies that i was doing the nails of and i was telling her about our recent trip to the EAA museum and her response was, "why didn't you girls tell me you were going to the EAA??? i would have sown you my office!" what??? it turns out that she is one of the founders of the museum!!! the association started in her home because "her husband wanted to have an excuse to hang out with his friends and build air planes!" it is so neat to learn about history and to see the amazing stories that people have! it reminds me of the quote, "there isn't a person you wouldn't love if you could read their story!"
·         in 2 days i will hit my 9 month mark!!!!!! #halfway
·         we had QN teach us the restoration for his new member lessons and it went really well!!! it was so neat to see him take the truths we had taught him and to have him testify of them for himself! he has such a great testimony and it continues to grow! i know that all of our testimonies can continue to grow as we do the simple things of reading our scriptures, saying our prayer, and going to church all with real intent. yes, there is more too it but the gospel is simple!
·         we went to meet one of our new investigators at the park for our return appointment. we found the picnic table we had designated as our meet up spot and waited...... and waited.... just "when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back" (Alma 26:27) up rides a guy that we know from the salvation army! he stopped and we were able to talk to him about the gospel! we shared the first vision with him and he said that he would take a look at the Book of Mormon!
·         PORTER ENTERED THE MTC!!!!!!!!!!
·         we had another lesson with CF and this time we pulled in her 3 girls! we taught them the restoration and they had really no concept of the bible or any spiritual knowledge so it was fun to break everything down for them! it went really well! when we got to the part where we were going to share the first vision CF said that it gave her chills again and that she always gets that feeling when we talk to her. she is truly seeking to feel the spirit and to find truth! at the end CF turned to the member we had with us and told her how much she loves us missionaries. she said that we had done more for her in the past week that we have known her than all of the rest of her "friends". she said she is ready to cut ties with those people and have good friends! she went on to say how much of a difference we are making in her life and she knows that it was no coincidence that we met her at this time in her life and she knows that this is the path that she needs to take!! the member asked if she was coming to church and she regretfully explained that she was going to be out of town for the 4th BUT that she would be there every week following!!! CF is crazy amazing and SO golden!
·         Thursday was a pretty rough day for me and my companion but we talked it out during comp inventory and mended it with root beer floats :) it is crazy how clearly i can see my mission preparing me for marriage...... i am grateful for the things i am learning and i know that it will bless me later on in life!
·         we taught DM follow the prophet and challenged her to listen to Pres. Monson's last talk and to prepare to give a prayer our next lesson!
·         we gave service to less active, DB and it was really neat because for the first time she opened up about why she is not attending church and some of the concerns she has! it was really awesome and she committed to let us practice teaching her the lessons!!!
·         at Meet the President Williams and his wife spoke about their conversion stories (both have beautiful stories of how they joined the church in their early 20's) and about their missions (they both served in the Germany, Hamburg Mission, alongside my current stake president!) and then last of all they told us the vision they have for this mission and i am SO EXCITED!!!! he came up with 7 principles! 1. we are a preach my gospel mission! 2. we are a book of mormon mission! 3. we are a baptizing mission! 4. we are a convert retaining mission! 5. we are a member missionary mission! 6. we are a multi-tasking mission-all phases of the work! 7. we are a completely obedient mission! LOVE IT!!!
·         we went to lunch with the Appleton sisters after the meeting and a less active member from the Spanish branch of neenah paid for us! what!? it was so kind!!
·         we refocused S&AH for baoptism! SH is commiting to be worthy to be able to baptize and AH is working on supporting him and preparing herself for baptism! we reset goals and expectations and are shooting for the end of august!
·         so remember how i said i love the park...... well this week they had this huge festival this weekend and in Wisconsin that means beer and drugs and LOTS of them! we made the mistake of setting a return appointment there and when the guy didn't show we got offered BOTH!!! it was insanity! but somehow we were able to give away a Book of Mormon!
·         yesterday we celebrated the 4th by going to a ward picnic and a family had us over for s'mores and fireworks!
·         we also celebrated by my companion saying goodbye because we found out that she is going to be transferred! she is going to go to Lake Michigan to go be with my trainer! crazy! i will tell you about the new comp next week!


-Sister Roskelley

the GORGEOUS lake and personal dock of one of our members right off of their back yard!

an awesome church on the way home from Ripon

we rode to Meet the President with the Appleton Sisters!!!!

the Fourth of July!!!!!!!!

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