Spirit-CHILL With My POLY!!!!


that's right! 
my new comp, Sister Ah Mu, is half Samoan and we have been having a blast together!!!
she is from highland, UT (my first Utah companion!!!), she graduated the same year as me (my first companion for that as well), she loves boating (so being by the lake is killing her!), she is hilarious and make everything fun!, she is super go with the flow (which balances perfectly with me! ;), she has been out for almost 5 months, i am her third companion, and this is her second area!! her family lives in Hawaii so she keeps telling me that she is my sign that i need to go to BYU Hawaii and she will get me connected with her fam!

with transfers last week life was crazy but we saw some major miracles!!!
·         i hit my HALF WAY point!!!! #9months that was crazy because when i think back at my life, all i can remember is being a missionary and life before that feels like a dream but it also feels like i have only been out for like 3 months! crazy!
·         we met with AH&SH and we made a goal poster with them! they are going to 1. quit smoking 2. pay tithing 3. have family prayer 4. read scriptures every day 5. come to church! they have been keeping their goals and they are going to be ready for baptism!!!!!
·         we were in the park and there was a couple sitting at a bench who was CLEARLY on a date. my comp saw this too and i took a deep breath then said, "sister, we talk to everyone!" we went up and we were VERY warmly received! the couple explained that they were living in different cities but met up in Oshkosh for a date because they are engaged and are living separate until they are married! (this is the first couple that i have EVER heard do this while on my mission!!!) we went on to explain who we were and the man went on to tell us that he knew who we were (this is VERY rare in Wisconsin) AND he had a Book of Mormon! (this is like one in a million!!!!!) he went on to explain that he was going to chiropractic school in Iowa and during finals a few weeks ago his friends gave him a copy! he said that he was planning on reading it and was grateful to have met us to give him a reminder! we shared with them the first vision and gave his fiance a Book of Mormon and invited them to read and pray!
·         we talked to a lot of fisherman this week and it reminded me of how that was who Jesus called after!
·         we had a lesson with a less active and her non-member 26 year old son! we were planning on going into the restoration but he had a lot of questions and we were able to have a great discussion! we kept telling him about how the gospel is where he can have true and lasting happiness. he talked about many experiences he has had where he saw that the life he is living is filled with momentary pleasures! he committed to come to church!
·         we had this awesome new family in our ward come with us to QN new member lessons and we taught the commandments and the brother related the 10 commandments to all of the other commandments that we teach! it was super insightful and i just wanted to hear him teach! that brother and his wife are from Brazil and he was a convert at the age of 13. he attended church by himself and went  on to serve a mission! one of his converts is now a general authority! these are top notch people!
·         we taught DM the word of wisdom and we had no problems! its crazy how that lesson can either be a breeze or the hugest stress of your mission! DM visited the temple this past week!
·         we taught SH&AH in a members home and it was very spiritual and it was just awesome to see how far missionary work goes when you incorporate the members!
·         we felt prompted to visit this less active family and the nonmember daughter was actually there and was super open and let us right in! we were just chatting with her and the conversation was not going anywhere! i was so worried! i said a silent prayer and just asked God to give me the words! the spirit filled me and before i knew it i was teaching the restoration! the transition was so easy and she was excited to hear our message! when we got to the first vision she just stared at the pamphlet wide eyed and all she could say was," wow......" we then invited her to read and pray and we set up a return appointment! it was awesome!
·         we met some young people in the park who invited us to play Frisbee! we joined in and talked about the gospel all while we played! we invited them to come to church and we were able to teach the first vision to one of them and give him a Book of Mormon!
·         at church on Sunday it was like my eyes were opened to the many people in our ward who are solid members but that belong to a part member family! i had known about all of them but felt very prompted that i needed to talk to them! i had no idea what i was going to say but in all cases the conversation went well and we were able to encourage many members to stay string and to do missionary work within their own home!! we didn't get any immediate results but one of my favorite quotes on member missionary work is that, "alone we may be able to go faster but together we can go farther!!!" i know that one dayy we will be able to see the fruits of those efforts!
·         we went and saw the W family and it was awesome! the wife came to the door and let us right in and invited us to sit in the living room! this is the family where we asked if we could practice the lessons with them and the wife said no so now we just stop buy and have teach the gospel through conversation! this past time we talked about temples and tied in doctrines of the plan of salvation and we actually spoke relaid the first vision! it was really neat!!!
hope all is well with everyone!
shout out to my bro in the MTC!!!!
have a great week!!!

-Sister Roskelley

Minion selfie!!

my new comp, she stole my camera ;D

half way package from my awesome momma!

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