Singing and Service All With a Smile! :)


this week we had the opportunities to use a two of my biggest talents!
1. organizing! we had many productive opportunities for service
2. singing! i have been asked to be a part of 2 musical numbers, one of which will be a solo! crazy!!!!

this week was naturally shorter than last week but we were not short in MIRACLES!!!
·         as missionaries our cards get funds the Monday of the first week of every month well last week Monday rolled around and we had no funds then Tuesday came (which was our p-day) and we got nothing! so we got the necessities with personal funds and were just praying that we wouldn't starve! well that prayer came to pass as this week we had more dinner appointments than i have had my entire 2 months here! such a blessing!!!
·         one of the service projects we were able to do was for a less active lady DB who we have tried to get in contacted with since before i got here! she was living with her mom and her mom wouldn't allow her to go to church while she was under her roof. well the service project was to help clean the house she was looking to move into! we were glad to help! we got put on the job of cleaning the basement. simple right? wrong! the basement was this unfinished little dungeon filled with moldy clothes, broken glass, knives, and soda cans. we used a shovel and it took us 10 industrial sized garbage bags that we had to drag up the stairs!
·         we got the job done earlier than DB expected but it wasn't early enough because we had to stop at a gas station to change into our proselyting clothes for our appointment!
·         at one of our dinner appointments we met a intern from BYU that is staying with one of the members of our ward for the summer and she served in KOREA!! it was so neat to hear about her mission stories! it is times like those where i feel like i am back at home in awe of the missionaries and all that they do and then i jump back to reality and realize that I AM A MISSIONARY!!!
·         one of the comments she made was that the mission work is just booming here!! she was like the entire YSA branch is basically converts!! (its really small and covers like 1/2 of our mission) we were like, "yeah... that's because that is literally all that we have..." hahaha we went on to explain how most members in Wisconsin were either first generation members and there were a select few that were second generation members (and even fewer were actually active) or they were from Utah and came here for Kimberly Clark. it is not easy to be a member in Wisconsin and its even harder to be an active member! but it just makes the conversion process that much more meaningful and the testimonies that much sweeter! i love the people here and i am so glad that i have another 10 months to serve them! :)
·         we had Family Home Evening with QN at the T family's home! (they are the older couple that we had a dinner appointment with a week ago, where he asked about our favorite plan of salvation scripture). well FHE was a HIT!!! we started out by bro T (who is going to baptize QN) giving QN a blessing to heal him from the pains that he suffers from MS (as he was in the ER last week and was not able to attend church). the blessing was SO AMAZING!!! it talked about things that were SO personal to him and it was so beautiful! it talked about how he will be a strength to the church and be able to overcome his pains. during the blessing i felt the spirit so strong and it was a fulfillment of a blessing that i received from my mission president that said, "at times you will be able to feel the Spirit strongly and know that He is pleased with your service." it was like Heavenly Father was saying, "well done thou good and faithful servant. thank you for bringing my son closer to me." later bro T told us that during the blessing he came to know that QN was very close to the Savior before this life. it has been such a blessing to be a part of his journey :)
·         i got to hold a Packers Super Bowl ring at the T family!!!!!
·         at the salvation army we were talking with one of the guys from the office and he turned out to be one of the Public Relations guys and we wants to do a story on us missionaries!!!
·         we stopped by the church to make copies of something and we ran into KW (the husband who is a member) and VW (the wife who is not a member)! they were there to clean the church and we were able to talk with them and invite VW to the adult session of stake conference! this was a major miracle as this is the family my mission president has asked me to specifically focus on!
·         we met this less active lady KC who has been helping her daughter battle cancer. they are a part member family and we went by in hopes to get in with them! KC was super nice and expressed an interest of bringing her husband into the church. right now he is against organized religion but we are going to see how we can help him with that :)
·         we met with TD again and taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. our past district meeting we were focusing on how to begin teaching and so we made an added effort to teach to her needs and try to explain to her our purpose as missionaries. the lesson went really well! i wanted to invite her to baptism but the spirit held me back! we gave her a specific reading assignment and she was really excited to read and told us that she had actually explained the plan of salvation to her mom!
·         we got in with the V family (a less active, part member family that we have not been able to get in with since before me being here) they were moving so we helped box and organize and move! at the end we talked with one of the members and asked about her conversion story!
·         the same day we got back in with DB, this time to help her move! everyone else that she had there were non-members and we got to plant some seeds! one seed in particular that i enjoyed planting was that of an older gentleman who had just barely gotten out of jail and his wife was suffering from cancer. he was so very humble and such a kind man. i hope to see him again!
·         looking back on those 2 service opportunities i felt like ammon when the sheep are scattered and the servants are scared, "Now when Ammon saw this his heart was swollen within him with joy; for, said he, I will show forth my power unto these my fellow-servants, or the power which is in me, in restoring these flocks unto the king, that I may win the hearts of these my fellow-servants, that I may lead them to believe in my words." my heart was so joyful to help these people and i was just glad that we could plant some seeds and show the love and power of God!
·         we met with QN to get everything figured out for his baptism. he had some very personal concerns that we, by ourselves, would not be able to answer but the spirit guided us in such a way that we were able to answer all of his questions and calm all of his concerns! he is so ready for baptism and we are so STOKED!!!!
·         we taught DM again and this time we set a baptism date for July 30th! the last time she attended church it was fast Sunday and she was crying because she was feeling the spirit so strong! it was so beautiful! :)
·         stake conference was AMAZING!!!! (QN came!!!) we had elder evanson there and the meeting was just very special! he spoke about how when we feel the spirit we are truly sanctified and that we need to stay out of the turbulent waters of the world and continue to partake of the tree of life! 
·         at stake conference i got to see SM and LM along with all of my appleton peeps!!!
·         we found out that during the priesthood session our mission president spoke about us and our efforts with the W family! after conference he shook our hands and almost in tears thanked us for our efforts with them and all that we have been able to accomplish! i am so very grateful for my mission president and his wife! it will be hard to let them go at the end of this month but i am praying for the new one coming!
have a great week all!!! LOVE YA MUCH!!
-Sister Roskelley

random rain storms

the beautiful lake


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Elder Vang

Sister Koyle

My companion made me banana bread for my 8 month mark

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