Gotta Teach'em All! Pokemon!!!

so if you didn't notice, the new Pokemon game came out this week. 
why am i sending this in my general email???
because it made it so that SO MANY people were outside!!!!!
it was awesome! we would walk up to people, ask how they were doing in the game, and then share the gospel with them! :)
which means we saw a lot of miracles!!!
·  we finished the new member lessons with QN!!! he wasn't able to come to church this Sunday because he was in a lot of pain from his MS so they took him the sacrament and it was cool because it showed him how truly important it is!
·  we had an awesome Zone Training Meeting where our leaders basically went over the 7 principles that our new mission president introduced!
·  afterwards we went out to lunch with the other sisters and while we were sitting there a guy who was sitting by himself asked if he could join our table! i was like yeah! there is an empty seat by me! he immediately started asking questions and we answered them and then we taught him the first vision and gave him a Book of Mormon and then we got a return appointment! it was so sweet!!! the Lord truly puts people in our path!!! 
·  we were out at the park proselyting and we ran into this guy we know from the salvation army for the SECOND time! he sat down with us and started asking us questions and as we answered them we testified of how the gospel has truly made all of the difference in our lives! we gave him a Book of Mormon (which he turned down last time) and he set a return appointment!
·  we felt like we needed to go visit this less active and right when we showed up the bed she ordered arrived and we were able to give her service right then and there! she set a return appointment for us to be able to practice teaching her the lessons!
·  we taught DM the law of chastity and tithing and fast offerings! again everything is going smooth as butter! she will be entering the waters of baptism in 2 weeks!!!
·  we had a few appointments fall through and immediately CF came to my mind. she has not been in Oshkosh and she wasn't texting us back so we got really worried about her. we pulled up to her house and i was still really scared she wouldn't be home! we said our prayer and as i went to open my door CF was standing outside of her house!!!! we literally caught her the EXACT moment that she was home! she had just come back to Oshkosh to do chores and get fresh clothes and then she was heading back to Appleton! we caught her the only hour she was home in the past 2 weeks! if that doesn't show the Lord's timing i don't know what does!!
·  CF had her friend with her and he actually had learned a bit from the missionaries in the past! we shared the first vision with him and he committed to go to church in Appleton! (still doing missionary work for Appleton even though i have been gone for 4 months! ;)
·  we taught S&AH this week and we went over the Word of Wisdom, scripture study, and baptisms for the dead! during the lesson we found out some AMAZING news: SH quit smoking back on the 8TH so we moved AH's baptismal date to Aug. 13th!!!!!! (he is going to baptize his wife!!!!)
·  we had interviews with our new mission president! it was AWESOME!!!! he is so inspired and has a great love for the work!
·  we met with some new investigators T&JA! we met them in the park and they were looking for someone to marry them. we got them connected with our bishop and they said they wanted to meet with us again! they explained to us that that day in the park they had literally just got done praying for help with their wedding and for a church to go to! they know that we were an answer to their prayers and they are excited to hear more of our message and to start attending our church!
·  we had some time before an appointment and we felt like we needed to go visit a less active. we went and she started out all cheery and then just broke down about all of the burdens she has. we were able to listen and then help her and set aside time next week to help more!

·  last week we met a guy in the park who we taught the first vision to, gave a Book of Mormon, and set a return appointment. i had been praying all week that he would remember the appointment. as we walked up to the designated meeting place my comp turned to me, "THAT'S D!!!!!!! THAT'S HIM!!!! HE ACTUALLY CAME!!!!!!" we sat down with him and read from the introduction to the Book of Mormon and then we asked him what he thought of the restoration pamphlet and the first thing he brought up was the priesthood! we testified of the restoration of it! we asked what he thought of Joseph Smith's experience and he said that he believed it, we asked what he thought of the Book of Mormon and he said that he thought it was true! naturally we went into talk about baptism and he then responded that he wasn't looking for a church to join..... bummer.... but we know that as he continues to not just "think" it is true but truly has the truthfulness manifested unto him that he will see the importance of baptism and see that it isnt just joining the church but that it is an essential step to be able to live with our father in heaven again!

so life in Oshkosh is kickin'!
I love it here and I love being a missionary!
I cannot wait to become more the instrument that God wants me to be!
-Sister Roskelley

Beautiful Oshkosh

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