Kickin' Butt and Takin' Names!!


so last week my companion was healed so this week having her fully functioning was just AWESOME!!!!
let's just say we worked every moment this week and talked to everyone we saw! 
i am physically exhausted but my testimony is burning bright and 
MIRACLES are definitely following our efforts!
·         we saw QN and we took him the notes that people had written him from his baptism along with the pictures we took during it. he sat there and read them for like 20 minutes and you could just see how precious they were to him!
·         those of you who know me know that it is no surprise that this week i accidentally left the phone in the car of the member who took us to QN's appointment... though this wasn't a shocker, the member happens to live 30 minutes away. with no way to contact her we drove to the nearest member's home and they weren't there! we tried to figure out what we were going to do and as we were walking back to our car they pulled up! they invited us in and let us borrow their phone! as we waited for a return call we noticed a face in the room that we didn't recognize! it ended up being the non-member mother to this particular family! we talked with her and were able to get to know her better! we told her about the church and asked if she had ever talked to her family about it. she responded that she was happy where she was at religiously but if there ever was a time that she wasn't, she would know where to turn! we will take that answer!... for now! hahaha she actually ended up coming to church this Sunday!!!!
·         we went to go serve a part member family but no one was home except the non-member 17 year old son! it was crazy because we showed up at the same time as us and had to leave soon after us! #theLordstiming he spoke with us and he is an exceptional young man! we have been trying to work with his younger sister for a long time now and would love to add him as one of our focuses!
·         we tried to stop by a lot of different potentials and referrals but nothing seemed to be working. suddenly a thought popped into my head that we needed to visit with this specific less active. she is the 18 year old daughter of a struggling family and she is fighting off a lot of depression among other things. it is rare that she ever even talks to people and even rarer that those people are from the church... so basically it was a pretty long shot! we didn't even know if she was home or how it would work! we pulled in and there were no cars.. we went up to the door and there were no lights, we knocked and she came to the door!!!! we talked with her and she actually talked back to us!!!!!! she eve smiled and laughed a little! I testified that i knew what she was going through by telling her my story and how i was able to overcome. we testified of the first vision and invited her to pray! it was awesome and totally inspired!!!!
·         Wednesday was a bitter sweet day. it was my last zone conference with president and sister cutler as they will be finishing their mission June 30th and the new mission president will come! it was very hard to say goodbye!
·         THURSDAY was my sister MIKAYLA ROSKELLEY'S birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY SWEET 16 GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·         Friday we went on exchanges and it was awesome!!! we knocked SO many doors! 
·         one guy we met was just outside getting his old camaro ready for a car show! i told sister killian, "i want to go talk to THAT guy!" he ended up being really cool! he just went through a divorce and was looking for more in life so we gave him a book of mormon and he said that we could stop by again in a few weeks!
·         we taught DM about the 10 commandments and obedience and we found out that DM stood up for our church! her sister told her that she couldn't get baptized and DM told her that she was going to make her own decisions!
·         after a long day of knocking doors and not having much success we tried a potential that ending up not being home so that meant we would knock a few more doors. we finished the block but as we were knocking one side i felt prompted to knock the door of a house on the other side of the street. we went over and they loved the first vision and said that they were busy but that we could come back! i have high hopes!
·         Saturday we went park contacting!!! we met tons of people and i got a little burned around the edges....
·         while we were out in the park, we were talking to this lady a skater dude went zipping down the path! i immediately felt prompted to talk to him and was sad that he was going so fast! 
when we finished talking to the lady i looked around but the guy was no where in sight! we went walking on down the trail and then i looked over and he was sitting at a picnic table,skateboard in one tatted hand and a coffee in the other with a nice nose ring to top it all off! we had a really great conversation with him (even though he smoked during part of it) near the end of the conversation he asked us, "so do you guys know any good churches around here?" we said YES!!! we told him about our church, shared the first vision with him and gave him the church address and time! the most miraculous thing about this? HE ACTUALLY CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!!!! he didn't have his nose ring in and looked pretty decent! he said that next week he was going to wear a suit and bring his bible!!! he LOVED the service and said that he was about to cry during one of the speakers! so excited to see where things will go with him!!!!
·         we have been trying to teach AM for the LONGEST time and we finally got in and taught her a lesson and got a solid commitment from her!
·         so at the end of the day on Saturday we were looking at our goals and we saw that we were 8 first vision lessons shy of meeting our goal of 14. the first vision challenge has been out since before Easter and i have never been able to meet it! in fact i only know a handful of missionaries who have! we looked at those goals and my companion asked me how many i wanted to try for. i haven't gotten more than two in a day and we were going to have a lot going on with church taking up our morning. right them i prayed and asked heavenly father if he would provide a way for us to accomplish the thing which had been commanded us. the spirit affirmed my question and i looked up and said lets try for 8. i can testify that they Lord truly does provide a way! we were able to get 8 first vision lessons with just 4 hours of tracting! it was nothing short of a miracle!!! like i said. i am exhausted but the Lord carried me! we were able to give out a total of 11 Book of Mormons (i have never excelled 4) and we had 41 other lessons (i have never gotten more than 25) with 7 member presence. i know that our God is truly a God of miracles!!!!
·         one of my favorite first vision lessons from yesterday was when we went to the bishop's house for dinner and their daughter had her non-member/former investigator boy friend there! we taught them about the first vision and asked how it has strengthened there testimony. everyone there bore powerful testimony and the spirit was so strong! as we were leaving a bishop shook my hand and whispered to me, "way to sneak in a first discussion!" hopefully he will become an investigator soon!
·         one of our last first vision lessons was with this beautiful Peruvian lady! (i have met the 2 Peruvian women here in Wisconsin!) she readily accepted all that we had to say and asked to learn more! we will be meeting with her this week!!
·         today we visited the air plane museum here!!!
have a great week!!

-Sister Roskelley

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