It's Raining New Investigators! Hallelujah!!!!


so last week with all of that kickin' butt and taken names we got a lot of new investigators! so exciting!!!! 
usually we hover around 1 or 2 on a good week but in the past week and a half we got 10!!!!!!! 
the Lord is truly blessing us here in Oshkosh and He is making our weak things strong as we put in all of our heart, might, mind and strength and turn to Him! :)

SO MANY MIRACLES!!!! (the bullet point thing isn't working......)

~we spent a lot of time in the park this week trying to find some honest seekers of truth!!!! one lady we met was sketching a boat when we walked up and she was very open and interested in listening!she is very spiritual and looking into lots of different beliefs all over the world. near the end of our conversation i simply testified that i loved my Savior Jesus Christ and she said, "i know. i can see it in your eyes!" she was very impressed and took a Book of Mormon!
~we went to stop by this less active who called us a weeks ago when her nephew died just to see how she was doing. as we spoke with her, her non-member 26 year old son came outside to smoke, we started talking to him and he really didn't claim to believe in much. we shared the first vision with him and he was full of questions. we answered as many as we could and gave him a Book of Mormon and challenged him to read and pray and we set a return appointment!
~we went through the Gospel of Jesus Christ with QN our now recent convert and he loved it! it is so neat to see his testimony grow of these things over this short period of time! next week he is going to be teaching US the restoration! should be good!!!!!! :)
~so we got in with one of our referrals, CF, and she is AMAZING!!!!!! officially my favorite black lady! she came from a domestic violence situation in Illinois and just this last November she moved to Oshkosh to get away from it all! she has the greatest desire i have ever seen, to turn her life around! she doesn't have a car so she bikes everywhere and is working her tail end off to support her three beautiful daughters that are 12, 11, and 10 and is planning on getting a second job!! she also wants to quit smoking and be healthier and she has so many hopes and dreams that she is willing to put the work in for! she has overcome a lot of hurdles with the pain she has faced but she knows that full healing will only come as she comes closer to Christ! she said to us, "mmmmm girl!!!!! you  gonna take me to Jesus!!!" i was like thats right!!!! she also talked about getting her girls involved after a few lessons! she is so excited for this journey and we are SO EXCITED for her!!!!! we talked about her getting baptized before September and are going to set a baptismal date next time!!!!
~Wednesday evening our appointment cancelled so we went to the church to see how we could help! because our ward is tiny, the youth is even smaller so it added to my testimony of the general conference talk from a few years ago of "ask the missionaries, they can help you" because we got to help with so many aspects! the activity day girls ended up needing us and we helped in the family history center! it was so fun to strengthen the members of our ward :)
~at salvation army a man was going through the line and was asking a few questions about missionary work. he asked how we could just go where ever we were told and responded simply by saying, "i will go wherever the lord needs me!" later he thanked me for my testimony and he said that he could tell that i truly knew my Lord and Savior. its the little things you say! most people wont tell you the difference one phrase will make in the course of their life!
~so we went to try and go find this referral that we have tried a couple of times over the past week and this time we happened upon one of her neighbors! we inquired of her location and they were actually able to give us her new address!! it was SUCH a blessing! we went over and it turned out to be a rehab center and the lady we were looking for was right there as we walked in the building! we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was excited to set a return appointment!
~we taught DM about scripture study even though she cant read she is very excited to learn the word of the Lord!!!
~SH and AL got married this week!!!! we helped set up for the wedding, and we did her hair and make up! it was heart warming to be able to attend! its not every day one of your investigators gets married which makes it so that they even further qualify for baptism!!!! while we were getting her ready she expressed how happy she was so be one step closer to that goal and the goal of being sealed for time and all eternity as a family! #eternallifeisfamilylife
~one of the times we went to the park my comp and i both felt like we needed to go talk to this big black man sitting by himself. pretty intimidating but our faith conquered our fears and we were able to boldly testify of our message to him! he took a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment with us!
~another time that we were at the park (i told you we spent a lot of time there!) we talked to people of SO many different religions in just a period of like an hour! we talked to a man who is of Celtic religion, a lady who is Lutheran, a man who is Buddhist, a lady who is Catholic, a man who is agnostic, and a lady who is atheist! we did our best to share the message with believers and non-believers alike!
~my companions nose randomly started bleeding so we pulled into a gas station and we ended up getting into a conversation with the two cashiers only to find that one of them was a less active member and then the other one took a card! it was awesome!..... the bloody nose part not so much but hey! the Lord works in mysterious ways!!!   
~CF came to church making a grand total of 6 investigators at church!!!!!! our ward loved on all of them and made them all feel so welcomed and taken care of!!! it was amazing! my companion was up on the stand so i was down below trying to help all of them by myself!!!
~we met another person at the park! he was fishing but was super interested! we approached him giving him a card and he just kept asking more and more questions. he was originally from Madison but was looking for a church to attend here! he asked about our church and asked us to explain the difference between our church and other church so we shared the first vision, he asked about our basic beliefs so we shared the articles of faith and then he asked why we chose to serve missions and we shared our testimonies with him! he is going to call us to set up an appointment later this week and is excited to attend church next week!

God is so good to me and i know that he is reaching out to bless each of you in your lives as well! 
take a moment to count your blessings and then see how you can bless those around you!
have a fantastic week!
trust in the Lord :)

-Sister Roskelley

last district picture before transfers! we are weird...

me in front of a big plane at the Experimental Aerospace Association here in Oshkosh! 

S&AH's wedding

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