I Almost Died, My Companion Was Healed, and QN Got Baptized!!!


this was obviously an eventful week FILLED with some HUGE miracles!!!

·         we started out the week with an awesome one! i love pictures so i love the instant print kiosks at Walmart! almost every time i am there i find someone who needs the gospel and last Monday was no exception! i counted my pictures and found that one was missing so i went over to the lady at the counter. she was very nice and fixed the machine. she told me about her family and then told us that she had not found a church to attend since she moved here! we gave her our card and invited her to attend!
·         we got a return appointment with a referral we received from Appleton! it was actually a referral we received while i was there and a few weeks ago they got in contact and then received a referral for us!
·         last week president and sister cutler asked us to write them a 1-2 page paper on the atonement and it was awesome to take some time to reflect on what the atonement truly means to me and what my savior has done! i attached my final paper!
·         a less active that we haven't been able to get in with called us this week and wanted to meet! her nephew had passed away and she was seeking comfort and guidance and peace. it is amazing to me that someone who hasn't been to church for years still knows that the best help that we can get is from our Savior and that true comfort comes from the spirit! i hope that we were able to help her and console her.
·         one of our investigators has been really touch and go with us and has been really hard to have solid appointments with well this past time we came for our second solid appointment and we went to teach the plan of salvation. we came and found out that she just had a third close friend just pass away that weekend. we were able to testify specifically to her needs and bring comfort to her soul! the Lord is truly mindful of us all and it is amazing to be on the Lord's timing!
·         QN let us do service for him!!! he never accepts anyone's help but he accepted ours!!!! we picked rocks out of his lawn and we were able to meet his son in the process!
·         an anti-miracle has been the humidity!!! with the combination of the humidity and the wind its acting like a blow dryer and my hair has been reaching all new heights!!!
·         we had an FHE with SH & AL and it went really well!!! AL turned 22 this past week, they are getting married in 22 weeks, and AL is going to get baptized shortly after that!
·         we taught DM this week and again i made little cutouts so that she could learn it! we taught keeping the Sabbath day holy and prayer! DM also came to QN's baptism so that was awesome!!!
·         yesterday a man came to sacrament who had been investigating form the elders when i was in Appleton! i talked with him and we might be able to pick up teaching him the lessons here!! we also got a referral from a member in Appleton! its awesome to see my connections coming in handy!!!
·         i almost died: every missionary has really dumb moments on their mission. we are 18-19 years old, we are bound to be pretty stupid! well that moment happened for me this week! we went to go see a less active and their lawn was FILLED with puffy white cotton bits! so much so that it looked like snow! when they didn't answer i decided that i needed to take a picture with it! (picture before the disaster below) well one of those little puff balls tickled my nose so bad that that i needed to sneeze! i took a huge inhale in and in the process inhaled half of the cotton i was holding! i died for about 5 minutes choking! it was horrible!!! hahaha
·         my companion was healed: i will be honest, my companion has been struggling. she has been super sick and super stressed! one day was spent at the apartment, every day she had a break down, and two times she got a priesthood blessing just this week! it has been hard to be patient with her and work according to her needs especially because she tries to hide it from me in order to not side tract the work. we have not been tracting at all because every time i suggest it she avoids it and every time we go to do it she has a break down. this week was especially bad. as a result a lot of things have been rough lately. on Thursday during comp inventory i read her my atonement paper to her and testified that i knew that the Savior can and will heal her and that she just needed to turn to Him. yesterday she just couldn't do it anymore and we arranged for her second blessing. in the blessing she was promised many things along with complete healing and strength. after the blessing it was as if she was totally and completely changed! she no longer was pained but turned completely! she got up this morning and we went for a run! she has been so energetic and happy! she exclaimed this morning, "im back!!" i know that she was healed through our Savior. that he suffered for not just our sins but ALL of our pains!
·         QN got baptized!!!! i wrote his story a few days ago and i am just going to type that up! QN has MS. he was diagnosed in his 20's and it set into his legs in his 30's. after that his life drastically changed. his wife divorced him, his kids disappointed him, and his life seemed to be filled with limitations. he grew bitter, pessimistic, and negative. on June 17, 2015 he met the sister missionaries of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and little things started to change. he started reading from the book of mormon and even began to pray. then on May 15, 2016 he made the huge step of coming to church, that was when everything changed. he just got happier and happier and you could truly see the hope of Christ in his eyes. QN saw less and less of his limitations and more and more of the possibilities! he began to see a glimpse of what heavenly father sees in him and the opportunities that come as he puts his trust in the Savior. today he is a new creature in Christ and is perfectly cleaned through the sacrifice of the savior!
i gotta run!
hope you guys have a good one!

-Sister Roskelley

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