Welcome to OSHKOSH, HAWAII!!!!


so you all heard me when it was winter here how extremely cold it was and about all of the snow well the weather has taken quite the turn! 
now it feels like hawaii!!! 
it is hot and humid, we are right by the water and we have been having tropical rain storms all week long!!!! it's been CRAZY!!!!!
this week was a long one! 
literally longer than most weeks since we worked yesterday but it was long in a few others ways as well but the miracles made it worth it!

·         last monday we had a dinner appointment! (like my 4th one in like 2 months!!!) it was with an older couple where the husband converted in his 20's and then their daughter in law just converted like 2 years ago (the last baptism oshkosh had...) and is now ON FIRE with missionary work! well the time we spent with them was great! they are a very educated couple so when we sat down to give them the message the husband looked at us very scholarly and and asked, "what is your favorite scripture about the plan of salvation?" WHOA!! way to put us on the spot!!! my comp answered first and then i gathered my thoughts and said 2 nephi 2! we are going to have QN in their home tomorrow which is very exciting!
·         tuesday and most of this week was a rough one for my companion. she kind of had a break down so i worked on the potentials the majority of tuesday... she vented to me about everything one morning and now we are on the same page! (which is really awesome!!!!) its just a matter of strengthening her enough so we can do work!
·         we saw C, the hmong recent convert, and her husband was there for the lesson!!!! it was great! we talked about the changes that they have made as he has returned from less activity and she got baptized!
·         we went to go visit this less active that we had no information on (there are over 100 of those here in oshkosh!!!) and on the way over we saw a man waiting for the bus. we said hi to him and then went to visit the less active. they were just leaving so we talked with them then headed back to our car and on the way passed by the man waiting for the bus again! we started talking with him and i started in on the first vision! he kept looking down the road and i knew the bus was coming soon! i thought, "should i give a shorter version???" the spirit told me to just speak. i recounted the whole first vision and we gave him a book of Mormon and finished right as the bus pulled up!
·         we went contacting in South Park this week after we had knocked a street of doors and it was SO beautiful! we shared the first vision with a man who was sitting at a park bench and them we gave him a family proclamation! it was so much fun park contacting!
·         QN's lesson was so great, as always!!! it was just really cool to reminisce this week on how much QN has changed! when i first got here he was a hermit. he was bitter about the lot he had been handed in life and didn't have much to look forward to because his vision was clouded with broken dreams. now he is happy! this last lesson i could truly see the light of Christ on his eyes!!! he has hope and that hope has come from him coming closer to Christ. the gospel changes lives people!!!
·         this past sunday QN couldn't come to church because  he was in the ER due to MS related problems. we were SO worried that he was going to slip right back into discouragement! we took him a pie from the linger longer and attached a note that talked about how we still love him and God knows where his heart is and all of this stuff. we get there and he reads the note then looks at us and says, "i am disappointed...." my heart started to race! "dang it!" i thought, "he was SO close!!" then he finished his sentence, "im disappointment i missed the linger longer!" we all laughed and i was SO relieved!!! he is still on track for baptism! we committed him to invite his daughter come!
·         wednesday we went with the young women... well 2 young women and 4 leaders, to go visit this less active YW who is suffering from depression and she actually smiled when we went to visit her and at the very end she actually thanked us!!! the mom told us that it was the first time in MONTHS she has heard her speak and even longer since she has seen her smile!
·         we had another interesting encounter at the salvation army where a man asked what church we were from. we answered and he said "oh my brother in law is one of those! you guys don't celebrate holidays!" i corrected him to tell him that was jehovah's witnesses and that we were from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. he didn't believe me... my tag must have a misprint... haha
·         we got a media referral for someone out in Eureka, WI who wanted a bible. we went out there and saw a lady who was standing on the porch of the house we were going to. we asked if the person was home that we had the referral for and she responded by saying, "there she is! getting off of the bus now!" hahaha the bible was for a little girl! we were shocked but they told us how they were studying the bible and we told them that we would love to teach them more and set a return appointment! as we left they left as well! we caught those people at the EXACT moment that they were home! i love being on the Lord's timing!!!
·         we did weekly planning out on a dock in Eureka and it was SO beautiful and sunny! i actually got some color back in my skin!!! don't mind all of the weird tan lines...
·         we were knocking on the door of a potential and then all of a sudden the door behind us burst open! the 16 year old guy jumped back and said, "you scared me!" he ran out of the apartment complex and then a few seconds later, after sister white and i gave each other confused looks, he came back inside. he explained that he thought his friend was here but he wasn’t yet. then he looked at us and asked what we were doing. we explained! we told him we are missionaries and he told us how he had recently found God! we told him about the first vision and then about the book of mormon. we concluded by telling him that the fullness of the gospel was here on the earth! he said, "today?!? its here today?!?!?" he was so excited to hear the gospel! he even said he was going to share it with his mom! he committed to read and pray and we were able to set a return appointment! its amazing to run into those people who are totally prepared to hear our message!
·         we taught DM the plan of salvation! she has autism and cannot read or write so it makes it difficult for her to express herself so we made the plan of salvation into a puzzle and she totally got it! she wants to be baptized and is going to set a date after she talks to her mom!
·         we stopped by the W family again and she was still willing to stick around for the conversation! WE MADE HISTORY!!!! we were the first missionaries to make it into their living room!!!! we had a great conversation where we slipped in gospel doctrines and testified of the gospel!
·         monday was pretty rough... we had a ton of appointments and every single one cancelled. we went to back up plan after backup plan and just couldn't get anywhere! i felt like helaman in chapter 58 when he has to go to battle and does not have sufficient provisions or strength. like him, we did a lot of praying and took courage in the Lord (vs 12) and ultimately came to the conclusion, "But, behold, it mattereth not—we trust God will deliver us, notwithstanding the weakness of our armies, yea, and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies. (vs 37)
so many miracles! the Lord is so merciful to us!!!
have a great week!!!
-Sister Roskelley

me on a bridge in my favorite park, south park!

weekly planning on a dock in Eureka, WI

the rain!!!!

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