Missionary Sisters Sang as They Walked and Walked and Walked and Walked AND WALKED!!!


(and also possibly stopped for snicker doodle custard.... :)

i am in a driving mission, why did we walk so much this week? 
our car had to go in and be repaired! 
no, we did not hit a deer this time! hahaha 
the crack in the bumper was here before me so idk where it came from!!!! at least that's my story! ;) 
we ended up walking a grand total of about 10 miles and biked for 3 more! 
why didn't we bike more?
my bike didn't have any breaks and the tires didn't hold air so those 3 miles were really fun! and then add in wearing a skirt to the mix... aka i thought i was going to DIE!!!!
besides all of my first world probs, we saw MANY miracles this week! :)

·         I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAMILY!!!! yay! love those gorgeous people :)
·         Tuesday i had interviews with my mission president, president cutler! he is such an inspired and kind man! we are luck to have him! he asked how i felt about serving in Oshkosh, i told him that i was just excited to be here! he responded by saying "sister roskelley, it is exciting wherever you are!!!"
·         we had some time before one of our appointments and decided to go tracting. i had the name of one of our potential investigators pop into my head and suggested we got there! a little back ground on this potential investigator, she was given to us back in February and after MANY, MANY attempts to contact her, she never answers! usually at this point we give up but i couldn't let this lady go! so we went there and she was actually home!!! we taught her the first vision and set up a return appointment!!!
·         funny story: i had my arms folded and my comp said "you look buff" *pokes my shoulder* "JK! you ARE buff!!!" hahaha
·         umm so yeah after about 6 miles of walking we totally stopped for snickerdoodle custard! THAT was a miracle!!!!
·         because we didn't have a car, numbers were effected and my companionship was definitely on a strain. we had comp inventory or in other words a hard core vent and then repent sesh! we talked about what we were struggling with and then had no idea how to fix it so we poured out our hearts praying together to have strength, unity, and love and let me tell you, MIRACLES HAPPENED!!! my testimony definitely grew that the spirit isn't present when there is contention and that we can only be effective missionaries when we have the spirit!
·         we met a man on the way to an appointment who had a book of mormon, we shared the first vision with him and then committed him to read and pray!
·         we visited CH (less active) and we were able to serve her and then answer more of her questions! :) love her! she calls herself our mission mom!
·         we saw QN! we talked with him about the faith to act. along with that we talked about how we have to trust in the Lord that His plan is better than ours. we discussed how when we are not acting on our faith we are living below our privilege and we shared the conference talk about the man who was on a cruise and he stayed in his room the whole time and wasted his all expense paid trip! then we invited him to the ward activity that night (QN doesn't do last minute stuff...) and instead of coming up with excuses he said YES! this is the first time he has said yes to a commitment with me! i literally threw my arms up into "touchdown" position and said YES!!!! :D he came and had a fantastic time! this was his first time in 7 months that he has been inside a church building!
·         we went to contact the lady we met last week where she had already taken the survey and not only did we have a member with us but she also ha her mom and daughter there to listen too!!!! they were all super interested in fact the mom kept moving the little kids out of the way so that she could see us!
·         we had our lesson with C (the 15 year old with a baby) and she brought three of her friends to hear the lesson!!!! because C is getting baptized next Saturday we had lessons that we HAD to get through with her so to satisfy both crowds we taught the restoration, obedience, the 10 commandments, follow the prophet, obey and honor the law, showed them a mormon message, answered all of their questions, gave them all copies of the Book of Mormon AND we got a referral!!!! all in an hour!!!!
·         later i was thinking to myself, "why did she have her friends there?" and then i remembered that our last lesson with her we had asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she said no and then asked if there was anything she could do for us? normally we just politely say no. i opened my mouth to do just that but instead i said, "well there is one thing..." i then went on to tell her that if she had any friends that were interested in our message, we would love to share it with them. well apparently that was what she needed to hear because she did it!!
·         we got in with a part member family that hasn't had contact with the church for a very long time! they were just heading out the door to leave but we got a return appointment!!!! i love being on the Lord's time :)
·         we went tracting alongside the river and spoke with two fishermen! one who was latino and the other who was Chinese! it was neat just to see their different opinions and backgrounds!
·         we went to tract in e neighborhood after that and the first house we knocked on was this dad who didnt believe in much himself but was totally opened to what we had to share! we shared the First Vision, gave him a Book of Mormon and got a return appointment! :D
the Lord is mindful of all of you and all that you are going through! 
keep your head up! 
love someone this week!
-Sister Roskelley

fox river

teaching the gospel to all who will listen!


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