I Like To Move It, MOVE IT!!!!!


we helped so many people move this week and served so many people it was insane!!!! (like my biceps are soar still!!!)
but it was awesome because it was all less actives and investigators and part member families!!!
we definitely took the Ammon approach this week hoping that our service will open hearts! :)

·         we had FHE with the bishop and his wife! we played a card game for the activity and it reminded me of late night game nights with my Grandma Sue and Grandpa Joe! #GrandmasGonnaWickerYa!
·         to add on to last week's random referrals we were asked to visit this girl who is already investigating. she is the daughter-in-law to the Spanish branch president in Greenbay. get this! she is Hmong and is 15 YEARS OLD (yes, 15 going on 16!) and she has a 4 month old baby with her Hispanic and LDS husband! we teach her because during the week she lives in Oshkosh, while she attends high school (yes, her sophomore year!) and then she goes to green bay on the weekends to see her husband and baby. (cuz thats what you do when you are 15 and have a husband and a baby!) but she is awesome and is so ready for baptism and we are having a blast being a small part in her conversion! even though the situation is strange it is awesome to see a family becoming eternal! 
·         we had dinner at a part member family's house with the YSA sisters and were able to fellowship the YSA daughter! it was so fun!
·         Wednesday we went on EXCHANGES!!!! it was great! i was with one of the YSA sisters IN Oshkosh so that was fun! we contacted on the campus and had an awesome time and met some cool people!!!
·         on exchanges our last appointment was with a recent convert (of last week!) and so we started the new member lessons! she had been working all day and was super groggy so when we asked her about the differences that she has seen and she didn't have much to say. we just got right into the lesson and it was awesome! it gave me a great opportunity to focus on inspiring like i talked about last time! near the end we were suppose to transition from Joseph Smith's first vision to the Book of Mormon and i opened my mouth to do just that but the Spirit directed otherwise and i found myself talking about the Holy Ghost and i asked her how it has influenced her thus far and she remembered a specific time!!! she had a friend that was having a hard time and she felt the promoting that they needed to pray which is crazy because she is still uncomfortable with giving prayers out loud. she tried to shake the feeling but couldn't so she said a prayer with her friend and she said that in the prayer she was able to say things that she otherwise would not have been able to! she then pointed out that she was grateful that i had asked her a second time and had given her the opportunity to recognize the gift of the Hold Ghost in her life!
·         Thursday was our turn in our zone's fast! and heavenly father really wanted to try us because that morning we served lunch at the salvation army! hahaha
·         we went and saw the less active CH that hasn't been to church since she moved from Australia and when we first got in there she hesitantly asked, "before we get started on the lesson would you guys mind vacuuming the bathroom?" i immediately jumped up and vacuumed her whole apartment while my comp cleaned her kitchen. she couldn't stop thanking us and she shared with us a very special experience that she had. about a week before we saw her the first time she felt herself slipping into a slump of depression and anxiety, she even posted on Facebook about it! and then a week later we showed up and she knew it was the Lord directing us! she asked us, "how did you know? you came at the exact right moment in the exact right circumstances. how did you know?" we simply said we didn't know, God knew! we just happened to get a return appointment with a man so we got a lady from the ward to come with us and he just happened to be a no show when we came back and the member just happened to be her visiting teacher and we just happened to think of her because we had been doing the less active summaries and her other visiting teacher just happened to be available and we just happened to show up right at the right time. i am learning very obviously that with God there are no coincidences! i am also learning that when things dont go my way instead of being frustrated, i should be excited because that means that its going God's way and i know that He gives the very best to those, who leave the choice with Him! so we had a great lesson with her where we discussed the doctrine of the restoration and we were able to answer some of her tough questions! she was excited about the answers that she got and committed herself to reading the Book of Mormon!
·         we saw QN and he opened up a ton! we got him talking about his family, his goals, things we could help him with, and the challenges that he faces (specifically with church attendance, he has MS and is wheelchair bound) and he said that he would try harder to do what we invite him to do! we brought him cookies on Sunday (cake cookies, my specialty!) to show him some love!
·         Saturday we started out at the park and it ended up being A LOT windier and colder than it initially looked like! we talked to one family that was metal detecting (i cheesily related their seeking for treasures to seeking for God! haha they didn't think it was too funny...) and we talked to a family right on the beach of lake Winnebago! it was pretty awesome!
·         we met this Walmart cashier and she had had a bad experience with the catholic church and hadn't been to church since! she has a TON of potential and we will definitely be going to her line next time!!! ;)
·         so back to the moving story, we helped this cute really old Puerto Rican couple move their daughter to an old folks home (yes, that is how old they are!!!) the daughter's apartment was on the third floor and the elevator was broken so we carried 2 car loads full of boxes down the stairs and it only took us 2 hours! we left after that to set up a time to pick up a desk from a part member family to take to one of our investigators and then coordinate it all with one of the ward missionaries who has a truck! we went back to help the elderly couple with the rest, the elevator was now working and we were able to get the bigger stuff! all during this we got to meet their non-member daughter-in-law and we got to have a great talk with her! after that we moved the dresser and the ward missionary that HAPPENED to be the less active member's home teacher from a decade ago!! they hugged so many times and they were crying, it was awesome!
·         the bishop's wife brought some of her friends to church! they were a super sweet young couple with super crazy young children! they were in and out of the chapel so many times during sacrament meeting that i lost count! i went up to them afterwards and they said that they really liked it but that they needed to take their kids home!
·         FINALLY we saw the blessings of those random referrals!!! the very last one ended up being interested!!!!! we taught him the first vision while he taught his daughter to ride a bike but it was chill and we got a return appointment!
·         earlier on Sunday i had the name Gunther pop into my head and i thought, "what a strange name..." while we were driving to find a place to tract guess what street name i saw! Gunther!!!!! as we passed it i said "wait we are suppose to tract that street!!!!!" so we turned around and we did and let me tell you.... MIRACLES!!!!!
·         i felt like we needed to do the survey but my comp wanted to do pass along cards. i told her how i felt and let her decide. she chose her way. we knocked on three houses and all three we got denied. they didnt even take a card!!!! my comp then said it was my turn. the very next house we knocked and asked if we could do the survey. the lady looked at us and said, i think i have done that survey before... like a year ago... we talked and then shared the first vision with her! she soaked it up, took a Book of Mormon and we got a return appointment! multiple times she said yeah i will totally check this out and wanted us to come back!
·         the rest of the street was filled with a bunch of old men! hahaha like i dont even understand! we didn't have a ton of success but we definitely had a ton of laughs! quote from the old folks- are you Jehovah witnesses???? no. are you trump's people????? no. then what are you?? i am 92 years old, what else is left?????
·         one of the last houses we knocked on was my favorite! the guy opened the door and was super happy! we asked him and he told us that he knew why we were out and was so happy that there were people spreading the word! he told us how he is on fire for Jesus Christ that he truly is his savoir and redeemer and that he loves him so much and that he was completely SOLD! he LOVED Christ with all of His soul and that since he found him his life has just been on an upward climb!!!! this guy was so on fire about Christ and it was amazing! we told him more about what we were doing and just had a great conversation with him! he ended up being a band teacher from Appleton (visiting his elderly grandma... again with the old people!) and i testified to him about the first vision with all of my heart and soul! i felt like i could just feel the testimonies of the prophets of old right behind me! i gave this guy every ounce of spirit i could and then some and left it all out there! we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was very hesitant but took it. i hope that he gets curious and i pray that he reads it and i genuinely wish that he will want to learn more! he wished us well and told us to be safe in our journeys!
this week was FANTASTIC and i cant wait to see what miracles this week has in store!!!!
love you all!!!!
-Sister Roskelley



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