this is basically my mission presidents motto and its so true!!! 
recently we have been seeing a MAJOR push to find and teach families!!! 
along with this we saw so many miracles this week!!!!

·         we had Zone Training Meeting! this is where we learned more about finding and teaching families!!!! also my Sister Training Leader, Sister Quist told me that her mom was companions with my friend, Sister Alyssa Brotherson's Mom!!! Small world!!!
·         we saw QN this week and the first time we actually got him to talk about his REAL concerns with being baptized!!!! we prayed A LOT and then went back to see him and we were able to resolve ALL of his concerns! one of them being that he felt that he would have to forgive his ex wife before he could be baptized and he didn't think he could do that. he said that the Lord has commanded us to forgive, right? i said, "right but in Matthew 5:48 Jesus Christ commands us "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." does he expect us to be able to follow that commandment right away? No! does he expect us to achieve that in this life? not at all!! he expects progress. that's it so to answer your question, yes, you do need to forgive your ex but it is something that you can progress towards." after that he only had one concern left: he felt that he needed to feel like more of a part of the ward (that is why we have been inviting you to church!!!) so he said that he would set a baptism date after he attended church and he committed to try to come to church. which leads to the next miracle...
·         QN CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! he came to all 3 hours and LOVED it!!!! a member that has come to a lot of his appointments, and actually STOPPED coming to appointments because he wasn't progressing, came up to us and said, "QN is here!!!!!!!.... what did you do?!?!" we laughed and them she was like, "but seriously!!!!!" the only answer we could really give was that we loved him! we made him feel important and understood and loved. love is the greatest motivator :)
·         LM, the girl who got baptized in Appleton went and did baptisms for the dead in the Chicago temple this past weekend!!!!! and her mom, SM is getting baptized this weekend and i get to go!!!!! :D
·         we went and painted nails at an old folks home and the first lady i did just kept going on and on about how thankful she was and how much she loved us and it was so sweet! she asked why/how i decided to serve a mission so i told her my story and the spirit was SO strong and i know she felt it too!!!
·         we went all of the way out to Neshkoro (an hour+ drive) and saw the CZ's a part member family!!! there are 6 of them and 3 of them are not members but desperately want to be!!! the mom and dad are not married (been together 13 years) and they just need to start coming to church and make the necessary changes and their girls could be baptized!!! they committed to coming to church!!!
·         while doing setting out goals Wednesday night we looked at our full schedule and she remarked, "a first vision lesson in salvation army... that should be interesting..." well it happened! the custodian asked us about the difference between the book of Mormon and the bible so we told him and recounted the first vision to him and them gave him a book of Mormon!! the next day the elders saw him and he told them how confused he was by thr trinity and basically proved himself right and them showed them how he is studying the book of Mormon very deeply and is trying to have an open mind!!
·         we served this LA who was having a bit of a family crisis and she actually came to church the next Sunday! service softens hearts!!!
·         we got back in contact with a Potential that we have seen in months! we set a return appointment!
·         so all week long we were texting the ladies of our ward to try and find a ride up to green bay for C's baptism on Sunday. come church we still don't have a right. we were planning on implementing our back up plan when this lady whom i have never met came up to us and offered to take us!!! it was a straight up MIRACLE!!!!! we got to see the baptism and it was awesome! we were actually in the minority because she was baptized into the Spanish branch! it was amazing and her husband preformed the ordinance! such a great experience!!! in a year they are planning to be sealed for time and all eternity!
cant wait to see what next week has in store!!! :)
love you all and miss you all!!!
-Sister Roskelley

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