All Aboard The Baptism Train!!!


baptism is such a special event where we show our dedication to God by keeping his commandments and making and keeping covenants and where we show our love and trust in our Savior who, through His Atonement, makes it possible for our sins to be washed away! 
it only takes place once in a lifetime and it has been amazing to see SO many people geared towards it!
last week we attended two baptisms! 
C who we taught here in Oshkosh (talked about her last time), SM who i taught in Appleton and now we have two more investigators that this past week we have set baptismal dates with (see miracles below) and we have about 6 more investigators with a desire to be baptized!!!!
i knew that miracles were right around the corner for us here in Oshkosh and there are so many more to come!!!

·         we taught AL & SH a few times this week and they got their ID's so they can now get married which meant that we got to set a baptismal date for july 2nd!!! we told her that she would need to get her work hours changed in order for this to happen! AL came this week and we hope that she can continue to come!!!!
·         we got in with a former investigator AM, she is a 13 year old girl who's mom is a less active member, and she was very honest with us and told us that the last time she set a baptismal date is was for the wrong reasons! we are going to meet with her more, the YW are going to fellowship her this wednesday at mutual and we are going to see if this chica has a true desire to come closer to Christ and we are going to do our best in assisting her in that!
·         we taught the restoration to our new investigator, M, and she loved it and was totally open and seeking after truth! hopefully it goes somewhere! next appointment is tomorrow!
·         we met with a part member family who, when we set up the appointment told us that we could come over if we did not talk about religion. the family is divided religiously and so we respected their wishes. we had a great conversation with them and it was good to give the husband a chance to heal any of the past wounds that he has had with the church! the member wife was at church on sunday!
·         one of our anti-miracles was LAKE FLIES!!! those things are NASTY!!! they come for random times during spring and just get on and in EVERYTHING!!!!
·         QN has a BAPTISMAL DATE and HE CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN!!!!!!!! when we went for his lesson after he had attended church we said, "you know what we are going to ask you..." and he said what??? we told him that we wanted to talk about baptism. my comp proceeded to ask him to set a date and he didn't respond too well but i just felt the spirit tell me "teach him!" so we taught him about how christ was baptised and read those verses. my companion again proceeded to ask him to set a baptismal date. he didn't respond well and it didn't feel right. i directed him towards D&C where it talks about the baptismal requirements and ask him what he thought of those verses. he responded by pointing out that it talked about having a desire. he explained that he had a desire but because of his MS he didn't feel like he could commit to anything. when he commits to something he DOES it but he feels like he can't commit because he never knows when his MS will act up. i went on to explain how he wasn't committing to DO but simply committing to TRY. that is all that God expects of us, His imperfect children. that is why we have the ordinance of baptism so that we can be washed of our mistakes and continue to try, try again! so then i inviting him by saying "let's set a date to TRY for" he sat there for a moment and then wheeled over to the table and grabbed his phone and started to look through his calendar. the room was silent and then i said, "how about June 25?" his response, "i was thinking that or june 11!" so we are shooting for June 11 and we are SO excited for him!!!! QN, oshkosh's eternigator, is getting baptized!
·         the janitor from salvation army talked with us again! he is so logical and takes the scriptures so literally that he makes hings so difficult! he was telling us the difference between the pillar of light in 1 nephi and in the bible! at the end of him talking himself in circles he finally admitted that he feels that he takes scripture too literally
·         i was having a hard day on wednesday night and i prayed that i would have angels to lift me then next morning i distinctly felt the presences of my pioneer ancestor drucilla hendrix
·         we had our second lesson with T and she is truly just a humble seeker of truth! she explained how she is looking for that feeling. she went onto perfectly describe the feelings of the holy ghost and i just hope that we can help her feel that!
·         a member has been bringing her friend, DM, the past couple of sundays and this past week we were able to meet with her and teach her the restoration! she loved it and the feeling she got and truly desires to be baptized!!!
·         during interviews my mission president asked me to reach out to a specific part member family.the husband is the high priest group leader here in oshkosh and the wife isn't a member. he said "Sister Roskelley, i feel like YOU are the missionary they need!" so this week we went to see them! when we first came in the wife looked like a deer in the headlights! it looked like she was about to bolt! but she stayed. we started talking with them and getting to know them and where at first she was just standing there by the end she was telling us stories and we were laughing and having a great time! we found out that she attended our church for 10 months and then stopped i asked her what the difference was and she went on the explain to us how while the main ideas were the same our church had greater detail due to the fact that we have a prophet. WHOA!!!! her husband almost fell over! we continued to talk and we left them with the invitation to let us practice teaching the lessons to them. the husband said he would tell us what their answer was on sunday. well sunday rolled around and he has the biggest smile on his face! he says, "SISTERS!! i just told all of the men of the ward what you did and how you stopped by! it was perfect!!! i didn't even know that she knew that about prophets!!! she has a testimony and we just have to help her find it!!!!" he told us that she had not made the decision yet but that she kept randomly saying how much she just loved us!!! i told him not to praise us too much because the mission president asked us to visit. i bore testimony about how the mission president is mindful of him and his wife and that ultimately God is mindful of him and his wife. KW then went on to tell us that the mission president in the past has come up to him and said, "KW you can have any of my missionaries that you want. i will send them to help your wife right away!" he didn't have an answer but told us that he knew that we were the sisters that his wife needed!
·         I GOT TO GO TO SM's BAPTISM!!!!!!!! it was so great and i got to see so many of the people i love back in Appleton! it was such a beautiful service and i am so happy for her and the choices she has made :)
·         on the way home the member that drove us needed to stop at costco and i ran into MORE of the appleton members that i love that were not able to make it to SM's baptism!
·         i got to speak in church this past sunday on christ-like service!
so this week was truly amazing and God is truly providing!
have a great week all!!!!!!
-Sister Roskelley

SM'S baptism
me and sister carlini matching! #formercompunity

my crazy district! 
ps transfers happened. me and my comp are staying put

lake flies!!!!

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