Random Referral Week!


last Tuesday we were out and about and then all of a sudden our phone just started exploding with referrals! in a matter of just a few hours we received 5!! pretty crazy! but that wasn't even the crazy part... the crazy part was contacting all of these referrals and the stories behind them!
·         so my companion has been really sick lately. we spent a total of about 3 whole days in our apartment this week and just tried to do whatever work she felt that she could do that day... so this week was a rather long one. any missionary will tell you that sometimes the hardest times on a mission are the times that you are at you apartment, not able to go out and do missionary work. its hard because it gives you a chance to think and then you just go crazy! but the Lord has blessed me with sanity and patience! i have just been helping her try to find solutions to her health problems and just listen to her through her struggles. we are going to keep a food diary this week to see if we can narrow these symptoms down to a specific food intolerance! i never thought that i would have to be a nurse/diet nutritionist on my mission!
·         last Monday was awesome because PORTER ROSKELLEY GOT HIS MISSION CALL TO  IOWA!!!!! he's leaving June 29th! and also a BIRTHDAY shout out to him for turning 18 this last week!!!! i just love my little brother :)
·         with all of the time i have had at the apartment i have been organizing the less actives... trust me there are A LOT and organizing the area book more.
·         so we picked up this awesome member to take her to one of our appointments and it unfortunately fell through so we took her to go visit this less active that the member had as someone they were suppose to visit teach that they had never been able to meet!! well we went over and we actually got in with this lady! she was from Australia, she had converted there and ever since she moved to america she has been less active due to anxiety. we had a great visit and were able to set up a time to practice teaching her the lessons!
·         afterwards the member took us out to IHOP!!! my first dinner appointment in OSHKOSH!!!! well the member is like 83 years old so i was asking her questions about her life and her conversion story and just all sorts of things and then i felt very prompted to ask her a very specific question. i didn't really know how to word it but once i opened my mouth it just kind of came out! i asked, "if you could tell our generation one piece of advice what would it be?" she responded, "to not give up so easy!!" yes, i love this lady! :) earlier asked her what her secret was to staying so young and energetic and she said, "you just keep serving the Lord all of the time!" anyway so we went to leave IHOP and right then our waiter came over and said," i don't want to sound like i am prying but i couldn't help but overhear the question you asked her of what her advice would be for this generation and i was wondering what your answer was." she told him and then i went on the explain and testify how in this world everything is disposable! even marriages aren't lasting more than a year anymore and that is why have a religious foundation is so important these days! he was very much so in agreeance! he ended up being a 17 year old boy that is Muslim and just moved from Jordan. we left him with a card linking to a video about Jesus Christ and he said he would look it up! seed planted!!! and it was such a tender mercy for me to be able to talk about the gospel and the blessing associated! it was like God was saying to me, "you are right where you are suppose to be doing what i have called you to do!"
·         i finally got to meet the etern-igator (eternal investigator, every area has one), QN!!!! we focused on the principle that God is our loving Heavenly Father. we started by asking him what her thought Heavenly Father thought of us and he said that he must be very disappointment and mad. he couldn't see how got could love us. i turned to our member who has a baby and i asked her, if her baby started to walk and she fell would you be mad? her response: no. i asked: would you yell at her? she looked repulsed and said,"never!" we asked her why that was and she explained because she is just learning. we related that to QN and told him that Heavenly Father expects us to fall, He knows that we will stumble but he loves us because he sees us for our potential because He knows what we can become! i could almost visibly SEE QN's walls come down and his understanding was enlightened! the spirit brought the information into his heart!
·         so we went to go contact one of our random referrals and we knock on the door and a girl answers, we ask for the person, and she says, "he will be right out." like 15 minutes later he FINALLY comes out! haha we introduce ourselves and use the referrals name 1. the lady was his mother and he had no idea she was Mormon 2. he had no idea why she would refer him. awesome! well we shared the first vision with him and sister white goes to hand him a BOM and he wont take it, his reasoning? he's legally blind!!! my companion tried to give a book of Mormon to a blind man!!! we tried to introduce him to the electronic version that reads to you and he wouldn't have any of it and expressed that he didn't have any desire to learn more.
·         the next referral ended up being the wrong address... the girl only opened the door because she was expecting pizza. well the pizza came as we were on the porch and the door promptly shut
·         the referral after that seemed promising! it was in a nice neighborhood and the lady who answered to the name we had seemed put together and then she told us that she had no idea who the lady was that had referred her or why that person had her addresss... she was sort of freaked out and didn't want to talk to us after that.
·         we read the scriptures with SH and AL (our progressing investigator) and SH told us that they tried to get out of "the slums" by themselves many times and nothing ever happened and it never worked out but now that they are turning their lives over to God everything seems to be falling into place!
·         Saturday we basically had NOTHING planned except to tract all day. first we were going to start out the day by trying to contact this less active that no one had had contact with for years.we went over and they just happened to be cleaning out their basement because it flooded! we went home, changed into service cloths and helped them out! all the while we talked with her unbaptized children and built a really awesome relationship! while we were cleaning we found her original book of Mormon from when she converted in the 80's! we also found the pamphlets and the pictures from her baptism! we showed her and she was so excited!! she turned to her non-member son and asked if he would go to church with her. he agreed! they didn't make it this Sunday but i just know that they will be coming soon!!!
·         we found out that a baptism was happening in a neighboring city to Oshkosh and we were able to find SH and AL a ride in less than a hour! the baptism was great and AL said that she was SO excited for her baptism!!!!
·         on Sunday i was fasting because i was having a hard time! i was feeling very anxious about missionary work and just being a missionary as a whole! well God definitely hears and answers prayer and fasting! i got a pretty big call to repentance in relief society! the lesson was on sounding the clarion trumpet by elder schwitzer and one point stood out as my answer. that "true disciples desire to inspire the hearts of men, not just impress"- i realized that i have been so caught up in the presentation of the doctrines that i was putting the content on the back burner! i know and was reminded that this work isn't about me, its about the spirit, the message and the doctrines and principles. the only things i can contribute is my testimony and my will. i am grateful for this reminder! it pierced me heart a bit but now that i know, i can change and become better!

i hope that everyone has a fantastic week!!!!! :)
-Sister Roskelley

new address:
1806 Taft Ave. D12
Oshkosh, WI 54902

write me letters and stuff! :)

morning run!!!!!

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