OSHKOSH oh my GOSH!!!!


coming to you live from the land of OSHKOSH!!!!
i was asked to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting and i joked that i served in Appleton to 6 months and then i just got on the freeway and then got off at the next exit!! that is a little bit exaggerated but Oshkosh is one of the very next towns over! 
i tell people that i am just making my way down the state! :)
i already LOVE it here!!!! the members are AMAZING and so missionary minded which is SUCH a blessing!!!!
it is a REAL blessing because our ward boundaries are larger than Appleton 1 ward, it takes an hour+ of driving to get to the edge of our area!, and the crazy thing is that the ward here has branch like attendance! there is like one young women and like 4 young men! we have to have the elders in our ward pass the sacrament! the only reason that it is still classifies as a ward is because of all of the less actives!!! its crazy!!!
Oshkosh has actually been known as a really hard area (many elders and sisters when guessing where i was going told me that they would not wish Oshkosh upon me) but i know that with my burning testimony and exact obedience that the Lord will bless me and will bless this area so that is flourishes!!!! miracles are seriously around the corner! i can FEEL it!!!!
also, another blessing is that it is FINALLY warm here! less than a week ago it was snowing and now it feels like full on summer!! #letthehumiditybegin!!!!
·         so i started out the week with goodbyes! i had to say say goodbye to some of the people that mean the world to me!!!! you know who you are!!!!! ;) Appleton, and the people in it, will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart :)
·         i almost spent 200 days in Appleton!!!
·         i said goodbye to the part member family we have been working with! they are the ones that have never had missionaries in their home teaching them because his wife is so gosh darn stubborn but we didn't give up! we worked until we were able to break down the walls and barriers and that is why saying goodbye so bitter sweet! BT, the non-member wife, told us, "you ladies are doping amazing!!!!" they told me that i was welcome back into their home anytime! :)
·         i had my last dinner in Appleton with SM and LM!!!! we brought kale salad and SM made rack of lamb!!! it was amazing!!! i love them so much!!! when i was saying my goodbyes SM looked my square in the eyes and told me, "when you have a baptism, we will come!! you let us know and we will be there!!!" i cant wait until SM gets baptized because i will get to go back and see!!!!
·         TRANSFERS!!! it was crazy because it was full on SNOWING!!! i joked that Wisconsin was mourning for transfers! so logistics were pretty CRAZY! my trainer, who was up in Wisconsin Rapids came through Appleton dropped her companion, sister Christensen, off with my companion Sister Carlini and they became the new Appleton 1 sisters! then my trainer picked me up and drove me the 25 minutes to Oshkosh! where she left me with my new companion SISTER WHITE!!!! who is from Shelley, IDAHO!!!! yup! two Idaho girls!!! we are going to ROCK IT!!!! she is very sweet and shy and kind and thoughtful and just full of LOVE!!! her meek and humble temperament really balances well with my bubbly, outgoing personality!! we love each other and are ready to give all of our heart, mind, might, and strength to the Lord! when we were talking that first day together she just turned to me and said, "Sister!!! you are an answer to prayer!!!!!!" a week earlier, when i was really nervous about transfers, i was asking the Lord for comfort and i dreamed of that exact moment where she told me that i was an answer to her prayers. i know that Oshkosh is EXACTLY where the Lord wants me to be!!!!!
·         one of the blessings of being able to visit with my trainer for a little bit was that i found out that she met my less active Aunt Jean in Wausua!!! they talked about genealogy and sister Rosenblum said that she still has a testimony that the gospel is true!
·         i met one of the progressing investigators AL! she has been homeless a with her member boyfriend SH. they found out she was pregnant and in an attempt to keep their baby they moved to Oshkosh, WI! they reached out to the ward and then soon came in contact with the missionaries! AL wants to be baptized! they are going to be getting married soon and then be baptized and i will get the honor of being able to teach them the lessons!!!! we walked out of the first lesson and sister white was just in awe! she said, "that is the best lesson that we have had with them so far!!!!"
·         because sister white is more on the shy side it has given me the opportunity to have more experience with teaching! in the past all of my companions have told me that i am a great teacher but i finally feel like i am able to reach my fullest potential with that!
·         we have had two very contrasted experiences with tracting! my first day the first and only house we knocked on was a young man who was very open to learning these things and we got a return appointment and then two days later we met a man who had a lot of anti Mormon material that he wanted to throw in our face. we corrected him on some of the stereotypes that he held onto and then he was just talking in circles! we challenged us to make sure we were saved. we accepted his challenge and then challenged him to do the same and to read the book of Mormon!
·         i met some of the members at mutual and one of them told me enthusiastically, "you have said more words that both of the last sisters combined!!!"
·         we served lunch at the salvation army and there was a young man who was definitely not homeless who kept going through the line trying to talk to me! he asked if we did anything fun and i explained to him that i was on the Lord's time and needed to serve with every moment that i had. he soon left after that by telling us that he would see us next Friday. it was Thursday and my companion made the remark, "at least he thinks its Friday!" hahahaha
·         we aslo did service at an old folks home where we painted the residence nails! it was fun to make them feel beautiful and to hear their stories!!!
·         i met one of the investigators named LH and she is awesome! she is VERY active in the catholic church but is very open to learning knew things (basically we found the needle in the hay stack!!!!) she explained to us that once a Jehovah witness asked her if she thought she was going to make it to heaven. her response was that she realized that she didnt care right now where or not she was going to make it into heaven because she was confident that God would judge her fairly and that she just needed to be focused on doing His will and she is willing to do whatever that is!!!! so amazing!!! she is reading and praying! i felt the spirit so strong when i promised her that she would get an answer!
·         we went to a relief society retreat and it was awesome! the scenery was beautiful and the women of this ward are AMAZING!!!!! the quote of the day was, "oshkosh is the BEST ward!!!!... and we are humble..." hahahaha
oshkosh is a wonderful place to be and i am so glad that i am here!!!!

-Sister Roskelley

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