LM Got BAPTIZED And My Work Here is DONE!!!!


so yep... i'm getting transferred!
a piece of my heart will forever remain in Appleton as i will be heading on down to Oshkosh this wednesday!!! #trappedinthezone it's a thing that happens quite often in my mission, at least for the sisters!
either way change is hard but how else are we supposed to grow? 
i am excited for a new adventure and just praying for the strength to face whatever challenges come my way! 
at first i was really scared of transferring because i felt like everything i had was going to be gone! but then i realized that i have a lot that no matter what happens i get to keep! the first thing was silly but i realized was that i will always have my crazy curly hair then i realized that i will always have my testimony after that i realized that no matter what i will always have my family and then above all i will ALWAYS have my Savior! i am not alone and i never will be! :)
·         a week ago we had LM's interview and set up the program for her baptism! the first thing she said as she sat down was, "I just realized that i will be the first Mormon in my family!" it was like a lightbulb went off and i could just imagine the many generations that this one girl will truly bless as she made the single most important decision of being baptized. i was reminded of the quote by Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley when he said, "There is a proverb that states: “As the twig is bent, so the tree is inclined.” Youth is the season to set the directions for life. And in the case of a young woman, her life will be immeasurably enhanced if she is exposed to and accepts those directions. Moreover, the posterity who follow after her will more likely be reared in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4; Enos 1:1) to their great benefit and blessing. When we save a girl, we save generations. No one can foretell the consequences of faithfulness in the life of a young woman."
·         the other day we contacted this referral where this guy told us that he has visions where he knows that he is 1,000 years old and through these visions he found out that he has a wife and after sifting through Facebook he found her, she is 17 years old and he i almost 50... he just got out of jail for acting on that "prompting"... we left as soon as possible... #solidreferral
·         we watched the rest of Meet the Mormons with less active PF with her less active sons and non-member boy friend! we were planning on inviting him to take the lessons but right after the movie was over he left really fast! that just means he was feeling the spirit!! 
·         we went on exchanges!!! first of all, our STL's are amazing!!!! we had a fantastic day! we had a ton of awesome investigators that we were suppose to meet and every single one of them cancelled on us, then we went to the college campus to go to our booth but it was in this super awkward spot by the mail room and then we visited some less actives! but  through all of those struggles we still had little miracles! we got to testify of the first vision 2 times, which is our mission's goal and the second one was a man who was very excited for us to come back because he wants his family to have to gospel! it was so neat to see hearts turn as we shared about Joseph Smith's experience!
·         on exchanges we also had an awesome lesson with a recent convert and we taught him eternal marriage! we listened to pres. uchtdorf's talk from the priesthood session and it was awesome!! i loved the quote, "Now, just one word to those of our single brethren who follow the deception that they first have to find the “perfect woman” before they can enter into serious courting or marriage. My beloved brethren, may I remind you, if there were a perfect woman, do you really think she would be that interested in you?"
·         on the other hand, my companion and the other STL had a day FULL of miracles!!! everything came together and they were able to see so many tender mercies!!!! they met this super awesome hipster couple that is totally interested in learning about the gospel and then they just had really solid lessons with everyone they taught!
·         we met an awesome lady at bethesda who is a recovery alcoholic and she is totally interested in getting into religion! we invited her to the ward talent show! (we figured out that there is a rehab center that has its residence volunteer at the same place that we volunteer!!! talk about a gold mine of humble, kind, and God fearing ladies!!! ;)
·         we taught T&D the plan of Salvation and they really enjoyed discussing the spirit world! we committed her to pray everyday!
·         we were tracting one day and last house that we had time for, the Lord truly blessed our efforts! it was this man who was really very open to the things that we were sharing and he agreed with all that we said! his religious background was catholic but his wife, soon to be ex wife was the one who brought him into that religion and he was seeking for greater light and truth! we committed him to read and pray to know if it is true and set up a return appointment!
·         since SM is such a pro at family history work we had her help us with one of our other investigators with her family tree!! it was awesome! SM talked about how good she felt helping other and that she wants to be able to do that all of the time! she is hoping the receive the calling of family history consultant!
·         we taught LM one of the last lessons before her baptism! it was eternal marriage and families and we taught her the doctrine of it and then did a really fun object lesson where we had her make a list of all of the things she wants in a future husband and then had her turn the list on herself and see what she needs to work on! 
·         we met with RO and taught her the law of chastity! she loved it and agreed with everything we shared! we committed her to live a chaste life even though she will be heading to college with the upcoming school year! also a really awesome sidenote: a boy in the appleton 1 ward asked her to prom and she is SO excited! she showed us her dress and it is totally modest!!! i just love this girl! she may be headed to oshkosh for school so if it is the Lord's will, maybe we can meet up down there and she will be more open to coming to church and fully investigating it, since she will be away from her parents and their strong opinions about our church! we found out later from one of the young women that she posted a picture with us on instagram with the caption "blessed"
·         i had my first authentic, true to wisconsin FRIDAY FISH FRY!!! this is a big deal AND it was with a part member family that we have been working with!!!!!
·         we got to volleyball on friday thinking that we were just going to be teaching lexi her last lesson before her baptism and then enjoying fun games with investigators, recent converts and members. boy were we wrong! stacy brought some of the refreshments into the kitchen and told us that she needed us to cut up all of the fruit! we busted to get all of the fruit chopped (it ended up being like 20 lbs of fruit) and then as sister carlini was finishing we pulled lexi in to the kitchen and taught her about missionary work, temples and family history work, and enduring to the end all in 15 minutes! we made it just in time for curfew! #exactobedience 
·         LM GOT BAPTIZED LAST SATURDAY!!! it was such a happy day! sister carlini and i were asked to give the talks and it was just so amazing! afterwards LM told us that despite the water being cold, she felt very warm inside! she told us that she loved her baptism! i love LM so much and i am just so very very grateful to have been a part of their conversion process! it was AMAZING to see her heart truly turn towards God. she is a very special girl and she has a very special place in my heart!
·         SM made a lot of food for the baptism! i joked that she basically already Mormon since she could cook for huge crowds of people! as we were cleaning up SM saw that she had more leftovers than planned and then reasoned, "well i guess i will just save the rest of this for MY baptism in a few weeks!" i am so happy for them and all of the changes they are making! all we are waiting on for SM is that her job will allow her to not work on sundays! we are just trusting that the Lord will prepare a way for them to follow His commandments, one of which is to be baptized!
·         while tracting in New London we met a lot of really awesome people and got a few really solid return appointments! the last door that we had time for ended up being this older lady. we shared with her some of our message and she soon opened up to us that she lot her husband recently and her daughter was deathly ill. she said in despair, "i dont believe that we will ever be a family again." we testified of the plan of salvation, and set up a return appointment with her. sister carlini gave her a hug and as she did i smiled at her and i saw tears well up in her eyes and all she could say was, "thank you, thank you"
·         we finally got to meet with this less active family and we got to meet with the wife! she was hurt by a family member in the church and hasnt been back since but we had a great conversation with her!
miracles are happening people!
seekers of truth are all around us!
we just have to have the charity to see them and the courage to reach out to them!
i can't wait to see what miracles will happen in Oshkosh
catch you cats later!
-Sister Roskelley


last sunday dinner

friday fish fry

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