Conference! April Fools! Future Career?! Miracles! Family History Work! Baptism! Transfers Around the Corner! Answer to Fast! I'm Related to My Companion!.... wait what???


as you can see from the subject.... this week was AWESOME!!!!.. 
this week was BEYOND AWESOME!!!!... 
this week was BE-AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
*shout out to anyone who knows the movie reference!* ;)
but seriously, this week was great :)

·         we stopped by to see this lady that is the non-member in a part member family, BT, and she answered the door pretty drained and a little snappy but as we talked with her she softened and you could see her countenance change! she told us, you girls just brightened my day! and told us that we are wonderful girls! last week she didn't even want us to come back to teach her! #shelovesus!!!
·         we had a great FHE with KR and her boys where we taught them about repentance! we put weights in a backpack and when they decided that they didn't want their burdens any longer, they were able to be released from their burdens!
·         JD told us that he would be baptized after his wife dies but we are going to get him while she is on this earth! we committed him to find a time that we could meet his wife!
·         Future Career?! -we met with this less active lady and she has a lot of metal issues and while we were talking to her she said to me, "you talk just like my social worker, in fact you look a lot like her too! have you ever looked into being a social worker?? you would be REALLY good at it!"
·         I'm Related to My Companion! -our investigator SM who is MAJORLY involved in family history has been working on our trees and she gave us a call as we were headed home after a long day's work and she said, "i have some big news!!!!! you guys are related!!!!!" we freaked out for a solid 5 minutes and then she went onto explain that it was through the hendricks line! CRAZY!!!
·         Baptism! we taught LM about tithing and we gave her 10 skittles and asked her based off of what we taught you how many would you pay for tithing? she proceeded to hand all of them back, she this is all the Lord's, i dont need it! after the lesson she said the closing prayer and in the prayer she prayed that she will be able to get baptized. i told her that her mom wanted to get baptized soon but has to change her work schedule so that she can attend church but that since she was attending church regularly that she could be baptized whenever she wanted! she jokingly said, "oh like next saturday??" we looked at each other and said "YES!" she was like oh! and then she agreed to be baptized APRIL 9th!!!!! it's happening people!!!! :D
·         we taught a father and son T&t! T's dad is a less active and they agreed to meet with us at the library! T was kind of stand-offish and didn't really seem like he wanted to learn but t was soaking it all in!!!! at the end of the lesson we went onto explain that they could pray to know if these things were true and my comp said, "why would you believe us?" and then she was going to say when you can ask God yourself! he is that one true source but t cut her off and he explained why they should believe us. he exclaimed, "because you are talking about God!!!" hahaha that kid knows what he is talking about!
·         we made hmong egg rolls at a less actives, PL!!!!
·         April fools! - it definately fooled us! the day started out so sunny! (its been raining and snowing like crazy!) and then right when we went out to go to our appointments it started down pouring!!!!
·         Answer to Fast! -on friday we fasted for SM and her job, seeing as how her attending church is the only thing holding her back from baptism, and we showed up for her lesson and instead of teaching what we had, she recounted to us this amazing experience she had. she told us that the night before she woke up at 2 am and felt prompted to work on our family tree (again my companion and i are related) she started working and almost right away she found the story of our common ancestor, Drusilla Hendricks. she stayed up until 4 am reading her autobiography (it's a long one!) and she gave us a copy of it! basically this lady was from the early 1800's. she was baptized baptist but always knew something was missing. she received some of the first missionaries of the church but her conversion process was not easy and was filled with threats and uncertainty. once she joined her entire extended family disowned her and they were mocked and mobbed at every turn! at one point her husband was shot and paralyzed, leaving her to care for the children and become the sole provider and on top of it all they had to leave their land due to persecution and move to nauvoo and then later to salt lake city. they were often starving and their hardships were many but once they made it to utah they received rest from their burdens and God truly provided. SM told us that after reading this and all throughout it she was crying! she felt like God was telling her not to be afraid of converting and that He would provide a way. she said that the only things that she had to worry about was the fact that LM could possibly get kicked out of her lutheran school and her job makes it so she can't attend church. she explained, "that is NOTHING compared to what your ancestors did for this church! i can do this!"
·         Conference! it was amazing! we got to watch all of the sessions with LM and one with SM! they loved it! LM took notes the entire 8 hours!!! AND she went to early morning seminary this morning!!!! she's golden, she's getting baptized!
·         Family History Work -SM came to a family history night for the YSA and she helped out! she helped this adopted girl find her biological family when all she had was a name and a city!!! SM is so golden, she's getting baptized!
·         Transfers Around the Corner -its coming up! April 13!! on April 7th i will hit my 6 MONTH MARK so everyone is telling me that i will be leaving but we will see!!! :)
·         one more crazy thing: my little brother PORTER ROSKELLEY put in his papers and is expecting his mission call!!! what??? so awesome! he's so awesome!
i hope that you all enjoyed reading my stories as much as i enjoyed living them! 
my joy simply comes from my Savior and that i get to play a part in His work!
i am so very grateful for living prophets who guide us and lead us TODAY!
may we ever be willing to hearken to their councils and heed their words!
I LOVE YOU ALL and i hope that you have a great week!
-Sister Roskelley

me and LM <3

my comp, LM, and me

the cutest hmong baby out there

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