i know i say that every week but this week i mean it! ;)
·         we had Zone Conference!!! it was amazing!! we had so many awesome trainings and they had this amazing convert come and share her story! #blessed i got roped into the musical number and ended up singing a solo! crazy!
·         we were suppose to write a 5 minute talk for conference on obedience and the gospel of jesus christ and i kept forgetting to prepare! the morning of i woke up and while i was praying, things to say started coming to me! i had to stop and get a pen and paper! i wrote down a few ideas and scriptures and left it at that! convinced that my solo would save me i didn't stress! at the end of the conference the mission president got up and said how little time we had left. i thought, "awesome! no time for speakers!" then he said we will hear from elder L and sister roskelley! what??? i got up but i was in shock! i got up there and the Lord filled my mouth with the things to say! i ended up sharing about our investigator HL, the one who is in jail. i related her story to show where her lack of obedience to the gospel of jesus christ had lead her but that she was willing to change and truly desired to have that in her life!
·         we had SM's lesson with a member and it was awesome! she loved it and the member bore powerful testimony of the gospel! SM prayed that she could be baptized!
·         we went to go to a return appointment that we had set while tracting and she told us she wasn't interested so we went to go tract around her neighborhood. one house we started walking up the front door and we saw two men talking on the sidewalk. as we got closer to the door the one turned around and yelled at us, "get off of my porch!!!" now this guy was in his 50's and was big and tall, he had a beard and was pretty intimidating! in response to his demand i laughed, walked down the sidewalk and said, "hello, i'm sister roskelley!" he was bewildered and asked what we wanted. we told him we just wanted to do a short 10 question survey. he thought about it and gruffly said, "well alright! get on with it!" we asked him the questions and asked follow up questions and created a conversation with him! slowly he opened up to us and he ended up telling us that he hated the catholic church he belonged to. he hated how money driven they were and how lacking they were at making him feel like a person and feel welcomed. he ended up showed us his dog, which is his pride and joy, and invited us in! he was an amazing man and i hope that he will allow us to teach him! all that happened because i chose to laugh! :)
·         we had a lesson on the restoration with J! she is the one that speaks spanish! she was super interested and listening intently and it went really well... or so i thought... when we got to the end of the lesson my comp asked her, "how would you feel to know that christ's true church is here on the earth today?" her response (i will never forget this) "what???? he's here??? i'm not ready!!!! I NEED TO PREPARE STILL!!!".... so yeah... there is definately still a language barrier there... we are going to be working with the spanish elders so that she is able to have the best opportunity to learn these things!
·         JD, this man is amazing! haha he gave is a paper that he wrote that logically deducted why we should believe joseph smith's experience! hahaha and it actually made a lot of sense! he told us that he wrote that so we can logically explain it to other people but i think he believes it and is just trying to logically back up his feelings so that one day he can share these things with his wife and family! he declared to us, "i am officially an investigator!!" hahaha well good! glad we got that one covered! hahaha
·         we finally found jeremy!!!!!! hahaha we still might use our, "are you jeremy???" door approach.... ;)
·         so this week we got a SOLID referral from a member! we went to go see HS and she was like "yeah my friend is mormon and the more we talk the more we realize how similar our beliefs are" and then her member friend told her that she is sending the missionaries over and that she needs to get baptized! haha she talked about how she doesn't believe or associate with any religion because while some of it resonates with her she doesn't feel that they have the entire truth. so her whole life she has been gather truths based off of what has resonated with her and guess what! because she is so intune with the spirit she basically has come to believe the doctrines of our church! it was amazing to hear her speak about what she has come to believe and she was just blowing our minds! she talked about how we need to go way back to the time of christ and life the religion he established on this earth! (aka the reason for the restoration) she talked about how community and relationships is what this life is all about (not about money or paid ministry) and she talked about how very soon there is going to be a shift back to these beliefs (the second coming) this lady knows her stuff, she knows how the spirit works in her life, and i am so excited to teach her and guide her!
·         so saturdays in new london have been a major stress for me and nothing seems to turn out. we get like 1 or 2 doors that open so this trip i just had to say, "okay heavenly father, you got this one" with no set appointments we headed out to the far reaches of our area! an you know what happened? every single door opened! we had one of our most productive days EVER! it was amazing and it was because we left it up to the Lord!
·         out in shiocton we found a former investigator, JS, when we had an incorrect number and incorrect address!!! like what?!? it was insane and she was like so we want to take the lessons and then once we take the lessons we can get baptized right? ummmm... YES!! haha
·         in new london we had the gps set on where we were going and i felt that we needed to go to a certain place first. not having a reason why i just did and as we were knocking on the door this less active's non-member mom walked up! then i realized that this less active (who we are never able to get in with) had buzzed us into her building because at that exact moment she was expecting her mother!!! the Lord knew this and guided us! we were able to talk with the mom and she was very anti at first but as we listened to her concerns and answered her questions, her heart was softened and we are hoping that we will be able to meet with her again!
·         in new london we went to try a former investigator and we have tried this door MANY times before! well this time as we knocked the mom pulled in the driveway! she was super nice to us and really wanted to hear from us! we set up a return appointment!
so yeah this week was amazing and i am so grateful that the Lord is willing to guide me! when we put our trust in Him everything works out WAY better than we could have planned!
LOVES! have a great week!

-Sister Roskelley

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