I'm Dreaming of a White... EASTER!!!


the snow started melting, the grass started showing, and the weather actually started to resemble spring! 
and then on thursday... BAM snow storm!
we had members calling us and telling us not to go out on the roads and to stay inside and we had our dinner appointment cancel because they we snowed in and stuck at their house! 
luckily it was weekly planning day so we were able to stay inside for the worst of it!

oh wisconsin! you never cease to surprise me!
especially with these MIRACLES!!!!
  • we had an AWESOME FHE with KR and her boys! we read through some of the scriptures that went along with the last week of Jesus Christ's life and they sat and listened!... for the most part... :) haha we are scheduled for FHE tonight too!
  • i have been having problems with my arches, making it very painful for me to run in the morning, and a member in my ward who is a chiropractor set me up with a pair of orthotics and i was able to get new running shoes! it was a physical blessing but a blessing none the less!!!
  • we were meeting a less active, KK, at the church building, who is struggling with getting her life back together. she had three children out of wedlock, she is separated from her husband, and is working really hard so that she can get her kids back from her parents. as we were talking about all of her struggles and ways that the Lord can help her through them, a distraught man walked into the building. (preface: when we met KK we walked to the other side of the building, by the family history center, to sit down because we felt that it was the place we needed to sit. the Lord was guiding us!) the man walked down to the family history center and then walked back. KK remarked, "you look lost!" the man then went on to explain that he was looking for his friend. his friend attends our church and wasn't sure how else to come into contact with him! then he basically went on to tell us his whole life story how he was unemployed, paying for child support, and getting out of a year long relationship. we testified that we knew the gospel would help him and committed him to read and pray. we got him his friends info and soon after he left, we finished talking with KK, and as we were praying a woman walked in looking for the Family History center. we told her we could help! we talked with her about her experiences with our church and came to find that she is truly searching for truth. we committed her to read, pray, and come to church! again an experience where just because we were at the right place at the right time, heavenly father brought investigators to us!
  • we visited PF, a less active and we actually showed up to her house at the same time as her visiting teachers! hahah we sat in on the message and then after they left talked to PF. for the first time since me being here, she opened up about her struggles and specifically why she isn't coming to church and the hard things she is going through. it was amazing to see a bit of the healing process start as she talked about these things! i just love her!
  • we nailed down a baptismal date for SM for June 25! she was so excited! at the end of the lesson i felt prompted to just tell her straight up, if she wants to get baptized she has to be able to come to church which means she needs to figure things out at her job. the next time we met with her she actually expressed that she wanted to get baptized even sooner and she actually spoke with one of her coworkers and there might be a possibility that they could switch so that she could come to church!!! after that is cleared up she will be baptized! i just hope and pray that i will get to see the day but if not i will be so happy just knowing that she made a decision to follow our Savior!
  • we had RO's lesson in a member's home! it went really well and the members had great comments but we could tell something was bugging RO... the next time we met with her she expressed two things 1. she is really allergic to cats (they had 2) which made her uncomfortable during the lesson and 2. she finally told her dad about looking into this church and she said that, "he knew a lot about this church and had very strong opinions" since she is still in high school and is living with her parents, she feels very conflicted and doesn't feel that she can continue investigating. she is headed to college next year so i will be praying that she meets some more mormons!
  • we taught LM the word of wisdom and she already lives it! so solid! we also taught her law of chastity! great practice for when i become a parent!
  • we had one of our part member families call us up and cancel our appointment for no reason except the non-member BT said so. we told them okay and then we showed up that day anyway! we got to talking to them and then BT expressed that she felt like we were pushing her (clarification: we weren't pushing her, the spirit was!) we apologized and set up another return appointment with BT AND with her non-member son and grandson!!!
  • on the way to JD's appointment we helped someone out of the snow and sister carlini got mud all up on her skirt so when we got to JD"s she needed to take it off to clean it... guess what she got to wear.. some of JD's sweat pants!!! JD is in his late 60's and the sweatpants were more like snow pants! hahaha it was a funny sight to see for sure!!!
  • we got into CW and DW's home and it was utter chaos! we took a shot in the dark by starting to teach CW and then everything started to calm down and DW joined us! we had an awesome lesson on the plan of salvation and they had a ton of really good questions and afterwards they shared some very powerful stories about times where their faith carried them!
  • SM came to a baptism!!!!
  • we FINALLY contacted this referral that we have had for ages! she lives out in new london and it was hit or miss! this time we hit! we got in, showed her the easter videos, and committed her to come to church and set a return appointment for the next time we are in new london!
  • the womens broadcast was definitely an answer to prayer! i dont think any of then have been as powerful for me as this one!
  • last week i talked about T&D (they guy who apologized for judging us) and yesterday we stopped by to check on them and confirm our appointment and they invited us in for easter dinner!
  • we had an easter FEAST after that at a members house and we brought 2 investigators with us!!!
thanks for all the love and support!
until next week!

-Sister Roskelley

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