Half Birthday With A High 5!


last week i hit my 5 month mark, 3 days ago was my half birthday, and tomorrow will be my in-field 5 month mark! 
it's crazy how time flies! 
i find that it flies the fasted when you are having fun and on a mission fun is only found through obedience! 
because as we all know, "wickedness never was happiness" alma 41:10

so this week was AMAZING!!!! 
full of miracles and highlights and blessings and tender mercies 
and guys, serving the Lord with all my "heart, might, mind and strength" is the best decision i have ever made! 
i love it!!!!
·         monday a member fed us corned beef and cabbage in honor of st. patties!
·         my comp and i made the goal to pray to love ourselves better so that we can better love each other and everyone around us!
·         JD got right down to it with the priesthood and then we talked about baptism after that! he has two questions pertaining to baptism: why do i need to be baptized again? (priesthood authority) and what is the added value of being baptized into this church? (eternal life) he knows both of these answers and is trying to digest it. he claims to just want to "hang out on the sidelines" but we committed him to pray about a baptismal date!
·         SM's lesson went really well! we had a member with us and she bore beautiful testimony about prayer and obedience! she was able to help clear up some misconceptions and we committed SM to pray about a baptismal date!
·         we went and saw a less active, PL, and she had so much hope! we read the scriptures with her and truly saw that light within her that had been dimming!
·         we taught the restoration to a part member family and the wife, the non-member, totally felt the spirit! she shut it down real quick by saying she was born catholic and is going to die catholic but she still felt something! we are going to continue to see those walls fall!
·         we had LM's lesson with a member and she really enjoyed it! we talked about faith through obedience, scripture study, and prayer! we committed her to pray to know when she should get baptized. we also had a dinner with LM at a member's home! it was so awesome and when we talked about keeping the sabbath day holy we asked her what she has noticed and she said that she felt like she was actually doing something right! like it was a good use of her time and that it truly prepared her! she is so golden!
·         we committed our recent convert, KR, to read just 5 verses every day this week and she is already past 1 nephi 5!!! that is the fastest that she has ever read on her own. when we asked if she noticed a difference she said that she felt more motivated and more capable of handling the hard situations!
·         so we had this lady that we were teaching that was referred to us by a super solid member of our ward and we met with her and she said that she was looking for God and that she wanted a church that she (lutheran/protestant background), her husband (who is african american with a baptist/christian background), and her son (super hyper) could all go to! well we set a time to teach her more and then when we called her again her husband had told her that he didn't want her learning about this religion anymore! we kept trying to call back to see if we could offer something else that she might say yes to but with no avail. finally we felt that we should go back. "why should we go back?" i thought. "this guy seems pretty serious!" well we went back and right as we were about to go up to her door her husband pulled in! we started conversing with him and we got along with him right off of the bat! he told us, "you are the prettiest nuns i have ever seen!" hahaha we were talking and laughing and answering all of his questions about the stereotypes he had heard and at the end he apologized for judging us and told us to set an appointment to teach his wife! he said, "what time is your church at?" we told him and he said, "we will be there!"
·         we had an AWESOME relief society dinner where we had 5 investigators! 3 we brought and 2 that members brought! everyone had a great time at the dinner portion and then at the end a bunch of different women got up and bore their testimony on coming closer to christ and the spirit was so richly in that room! i love the ward that i am in and the amazing people that surround me!!!
·         we taught RO the gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it! before we started she told us that one of her friends is also reading the book of mormon and that she invited her to our lessons that day and then also to church! she's already being a missionary!!! she soaked the lesson all in and then when we got to baptism we invited her and she said that she had been wanting to get baptized but wasn't sure which religion she should do it in, the one she is in already or this church where she would have to make a lot of changes to her lifestyle. we invited her to pray and she thanked us for our invitation! she also came to church with her fellowshipper!!!
·         we had a brazilian feast at this non-members home! they are the parents of a lady in our ward and it was awesome! she also had her non-member boyfriend there!!! talk about a gold mine of potentials!
·         in new london we got in with 2 less active and 2 formers that we hadn't previously been able to see!
·         new london is a big deal on St. patrick's day weekend! for the whole weekend the town's name is changed to new dublin!
·         it was so sunny yesterday that we went street contacting in a park! we started out by handing out easter pass along cards and you would be surprised how many people turned us down! there were a few people that we were able to talk to though! one was a girl from saudi arabia who was adopted to here, one was studying to be a deacon in the catholic religion, and another was out on the park lawn with a metal detector! hahaha oh the people you meet! :)
·         we taught HSL the restoration and she totally identified with it! like i said in the email where we first met her, she truly is a seeker of truth and because she is so intune with the spirit she already believes the majority of what we teach her and the things she didn't previously know, she readily accepts! we told her joseph smith's experience and she responded with, COOL! and then when we testified that the Book of Mormon is the evidence that proves all that we are saying is true, you could just see all of the pieces connect! she was like whoa! she said she was excited to read it! we invited her to baptism and she hesitated. she said if she knew that this was the true church she would. her hold up was that she swore off all organized religion because all of the religions she had come in contact with, somewhere, she disagreed with their beliefs or their motivations or their teachings. she said that she would give us a chance and that she would study it out!
so yup! i love the people here, i love these people specifically and most of all i love the Lord. He blessed me so much and truly enables me. i know that it is through the Atonement that we are able to have that power work in our life and i am so very grateful for this, the easter season!
He suffered and died for our sins,
He rose on the third day,
He lives today!!!

-Sister Roskelley

pictures: me in a giant dutch wooden shoe and the brazilian feast!!

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