Give'em Heaven!

this is a phrase that is spreading among missionaries across the mission!
this week was seriously AWESOME!!!
·         first of all today is my 5 month mark! what? crazy! i feel like i have been out an eternity but then again it feels like it was last week that i graduated! mission time is weird!
·         we gave DE a DTR (determine the relationship) and it could be over. it's so weird how dropping an investigator feels like breaking up with someone...
·         but before that we had an awesome lesson where we talked about her choosing and taking the steps to put on the armor of God. she said she felt like she was charlie brown who was trying to kick a football and then it was taken away by lucy and then she fell right back to where she started from. we blew her mind by saying that she was running towards the wrong football because our loving heavenly father would never take away the "football" or change the path we should be taking. it is against his very nature. but that if she kept her commitments she would ultimately be able to "kick the football" and find stability and be on the path that God wants her to be on. just like Helaman 5:12 says, "And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." i want this foundation for her SO bad but she has to want it for herself.
·         we went to an eye doctor for my companion and while we were there we gave our card to one of the optometrists! and the crazy thing was that he actually called us!!! he wants to learn more!
·         so like 3 months ago we met this awesome lady, J, who was a referral! she was seriously a tender mercy! i knew the moment i saw her that she was one of the people that i was truly suppose to meet on my mission! we loved her and her beautiful daughters but because she spoke spanish we passed her onto the spanish elders. this past week my companion and i kept having her come to our memory! we decided to stop by and it turns out that the elders gave her a spanish book of mormon and then never came back! we set up a return appointment! she has such a great desire to learn! she asked the golden question of why do good people go through hard things. we referred her to ether 12:27. she totally got it! after we left my companion and i marveled at how we were able to communicate with her! her english is good but her accent is thick! plus we were referencing to and teaching out of a spanish book of mormon because she reads spanish better! i never thought that i would actually need the gift of tongues on my english speaking mission but we understood one another perfectly! i didn't know what she was actually saying but thoughts just kept coming to me and i knew! she gave us peruvian candy and her girls were just begging us to stay! i love them so very much and i truly want them to have this amazing message! I am so excited to start teaching them!!!!
·         we watched meet the mormons with less active, PF and her fiance and the spirit was there and it was totally working on them! miracles!
·         we went back to one of the part member families that we had a return appointment with and they had forgotten that the wife was on vacation! we couldn't come in and teach a lesson BUT we found out that their son and grandson really want to sit in and hear the lessons!!!! #unitingfamilieseternally
·         we had an awesome lesson with JD! he is progressing more and more every time we visit with him! he tells us that his last hold ups are his wife and the priesthood! we continue to encourage him to find an answer for himself! he really does want it he just doesn't know how he can live it
·         we had a dinner with a family and we had our investigators SM and LM come! it was so awesome! they connected so well with the members and then we taught about following the prophet and the members bore beautiful testimony about the prophet and all of the blessings that they have received from following him! 
·         we taught the Young Women of our ward about missionary work and it was AWESOME! they are such a great group of girls and they are so excited to be involved in the missionary work! at the end we handed out copies of the Missionary Next Door! such an awesome talk! check it out!
·         we had a great FHE with KR and her boys! we made cookies and then watched the mormon message, our daily bread! so GOOD!
we taught SM the rest of the plan of salvation and because she does family history work it TOTALLY made sense to her! we told her about how she is part of an amazing work! she started working on my family tree and the next week my family said that they somehow found 20 names that they took to the temple! i was able to thank her for the amazing help that she was to my ancestors and for the ancestors of everyone she helps! it rang very true to her and she loved it! she told us that she wants to be baptized!
·         we taught the plan of salvation to LM and she totally got it! she said that it made so much sense and answered a lot of the questions that she had been having in her lutheran school. we talked about the three kingdoms and what you have to do to qualify for each one and she looked at them and then confidently pointed "i am going to the celestial kingdom!"
·         it snowed again last tuesday.... all this white stuff is getting old! but luckily the sun came out super bright today and melted some of it away! :)
·         so we keep trying to find this less active son of one of the members and they gave us very veige instructions to where they live. we knocked on the door a few weeks ago asking, "are you jeremy's girlfriend???" she said no, but we got to talking and we set up a return appointment! then this past week we went for this other door and we were confident that this was the door! a man comes to the door "are you jeremy?" his response, no but he and his girlfriend are looking for a church and we gave them our card! this is our new way of tracting! hahaha
·         i helped fix a members dreyer! that was interesting!
·         one of the biggest highlights of my week was getting a letter from jail!!! sounds crazy but its true! our investigator HL who was super solid and wanted to be baptized even before we taught her any lessons ended up back in jail and her letter was actually really cool because she talked about how she really had a great experience the one time that she came to our church and how she wants that to be a permanent part of her lives she it truly willing to "give away all (her) sins to know (God)" just like king lamoni's father with aaron! she wants to change and she wants to develope a relationship with God! she ended her letter by saying "when i met you girls, you have some kind of peace and serenity about you that i desperately want. i think if i start learning more about your religion and hear what you guys have to say, i think there might be some hope out there for me. all i want is to be better and move forward!
so amazing! i love this call of being a missionary! i truly love these people and i am so blessed!
i cannot wait for ALL of these people to have the fullness of the truth and i will do everything in my power and by the power and will of God to make it happen!
till next week!

-Sister Roskelley

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