Yet! Yet! Yet!


*to be said like the seagulls on Finding Nemo*
the people of Wisconsin have this funny way of talking and they use the word "yet" in a very strange way! i heard it a lot this week so i thought i might share! :) so where someone would normally say "i still have to go to the grocery store" they would say' "i have to go to the grocery store yet." or "we still have time to do that" they would say "we have time to do that yet." #foreignlanguage #giftoftongues

this week was one of MANY miracles!!!! so many reasons to be happy!!!!
·         we had FHE with a recent convert/part member family! it ended with us having a discussion with the husband (the non-member) and he said that his mother has had some very powerful experiences with prayer and always encouraged him to pray. he also told us that he loved talking with us about the gospel! he pushed aside the invitation to take the discussions but he didn't say no so we will keep asking! 
·         we had a great FHE with KR and her boys where we talked about how we can build our faith! in the activity we used jenga blocks and built a tower of faith!
·         i got my wallet back!!! it was outside a less active/part member family's apartment! all the money was stolen, down to the last penny!
·         we went to go contact a former investigator. he wasn't home but his mom was and we had a great discussion with her about a few gospel principles!
·         a member of our ward gave her hairdresser a book of mormon and then she gave us her card! having no other way to contact her, we called her at work! she was super happy to hear from us and excited to set up a return appointment! a few days later we visited her and she was truly looking for God in her life and she was also looking for a church that she could take her whole family to! super neat lady!
·         we set DE's baptismal date for Easter weekend and it was super powerful and she was super excited.... and she hasn't even kept any of her appointments... let alone her commitments! we keep trying to drop by and call and text but nothing... pretty sure we done been dropped... :(
·         one day, all of our appointments were set and then by the time we got done with studies they all started cancelling and needing to move and just everything was up in the air. after praying for guidance on what to do, i just felt like we just needed to get out and start working. miraculously, as we went on what we knew and what we could do, everything worked out! we saw all of the appointments we needed to see and it was truly amazing to see the Lord guiding us in His work!
·         excellent discussion with JD, as usual! we discussed the restoration and he admitted that this is his bump he has to get over. he explained to us that he feels like he is having to discount everything he has known to be true his whole life. he is an amazing man and he knows that this church is true but he also knows that if he admits that to himself and to us them that will mean that he has to live it!
·         SM and LM are seriously AWESOME!!!! we went over and started to teach the Plan of Salvation and then the Young Women showed up to pick up Lexi! she said, "aww man! i am going to miss the rest of the lesson!" MIRACLE!! -just the lesson before we couldn't get her to sit in and listen! the rest of the lesson went great and stacy shared a near death experience that she had and it matched up with what we were teaching her! it was like a lightbulb went off!
·         we made a deal with one of our neighbors that if she came with us to church we would go to her wednesday night fellowship.... we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! it was called the way and the first thing they did was speak in tongues!!! scary!!! then they went through the bible discussing all of the scriptures on peace and it was really dry and kind of boring! i walked away wondering why i just felt like i wasn't edified at all by what they taught! they were teaching from the bible! then it hit me, the spirit wasn't there. the spirit is the real teacher! thank goodness we have the Holy Ghost because a lot more of us would be falling asleep in church if we didn't! haha
·         in an earlier email i talked about our waitress we had while getting sushi that we got a return appointment with. well the way we got that return appointment was because of two things 1. because she had a member friend 2. she wanted sister carlini to show her how she does her hair! hey we all have to use our own strengths right??? we we went not knowing how we were going to direct it towards the gospel but we got in there and the first thing she asked was for "a summary of our church" so we taught her the restoration, committed her to read and pray and she asked if we could meet again!
·         the mom of HL, our investigator who was SUPER excited about reading and praying and coming to church and being baptized, got in contact with us!! HL went back to jail but she wanted our contact info so that we could keep in touch and possibly go visit her in jail! he mom said that she still had a huge desire to convert!
·         we got in with a less active/part member family and they agreed to take the lessons!!!
·         we set up another appointment with our less active PF and we are going to watch meet the mormons with her non-member fiance and less active boys!!!
·         we had a great lesson with KV about the plan of salvation! she was really getting it and we got to read alma 7:11-14! it was a very cool experience to testify that she did have a savior and that she could be redeemed! such a simple truth that i think we often take for granted!
·         we had dinner at a member's home and this was the 2nd time that she had had us over with her non-member boyfriend over, after sharing our message, he agreed to take the lessons!
·         we taught LM the restoration and she was really getting into it! she was very excited to read and pray to know the truth! her prayers are getting so strong and the young women of the ward are truly including and loving her!! sister carlini also helped her get ready for a dance while i showed her mormon messages! it was great!
·         we got in with a less active that we have never been able to get in with before!!! it was so cool and he was actually from Idaho! what?! so awesome! we set up a return appointment!
as you can see the Lord has truly blessed and guided us this week! i am so very grateful for this gospel and i am eternally grateful for the call to share it!
thank you for all of the love and support that is sent my way! 
i hope everyone's weeks are great!

-Sister Roskelley

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