The Sun is Shining.. The Snow is Melting... And We Are Getting--- The Snow is Melting!! The SNOW IS MELTING!!!!

***read it like the quote from Finding Nemo***
it's true folks! the Wisconsin winter is sort of letting up a little and we just saw a little dusting of snow this morning! 
Progress! but thats not all of the progress we have seen this week!!!!
·         my companion and i are not being transferred!!! Appleton will have us for another 6 weeks!
·         took my companion to an eye doctor appointment and the guy who checked us out was interested in religion and his friend invited him to institute once but he is now married so he is our territory now! gave him a card and hopefully we can get a return appointment!!
·         we went tracting after the sun was down (once the sun goes down here everyone is in their homes either watching TV or sleeping!) and we actually found people who were interested and we got some return appointments!!!
·         we are having trouble getting a solid appointment with BS! the last time i wrote it down the appointment time on a sticky note but she still wasn't available! we had a great discussion with her daughter though and invited her to come to church!
·         we had an awesome lesson with JD as always! lately he has been telling us that we really are making a difference in teaching him and that he is making progress! he reminded us that this is all new to him and that he has been believing in AND teaching something different his whole life! he said that each time we meet with him he is fighting to push back his predispositions and open his eyes to these things! he admitted that he understands the restoration completely but doesn't have a testimony of the priesthood. his hold up is that he has already received the priesthood as he was an episcopal priest. such a neat man that is truly seeking and we are striving to help him find!
·         we helped our neighbor KP with family history! we met with her twice this past week (we were looking for one specific ancestor) and right after we found it our ward just so happened to be having a baptism so we invited her and she came! she thought it was great and very similar to what she believed!
·         we taught the activity days about missionary work and it was super fun! we basically went through our schedule and then had them ask us questions all throughout! many of them got very hung up on what we could and could not do on p-day. they were flabbergasted that we couldn't go swimming and started making up all of these crazy scenarios! "so what if there was this HUGE flood????" 
·         we went to a baby shower for the YW president and it was SO fun!!! 
·         all of our appointments fell through one day and so we felt prompted to go visit a less active/part member family. they weren't home but we tracted around their house and met some really solid people and got return appointments!
·         we went on exchanges!!!! instead of switching companions we just all go to the STL's area! it was so fun because we went to a college campus and contacted! we talked to three really cool college kids and gave them a download card for the book of mormon!
·         we played are you smarter than a missionary with the YSA while on exchanges!!!! it was way fun!
·         we had a great discussion with LM and she had a great desire to go to public school! such a miracle because her lutheran school is one of the major things that is holding her back! we invited her to church and she told us she couldn't even sit for an hour let alone 3! due to some miscommunication we ended up not having a meeting before church and actually got a chance to visit SM and LM before church and she actually ended up coming! not only that but she ended up LOVING it!!! she sat with one of the awesome YW in sacrament, she had a great time in sunday school and then LOVED young womens! she loved it so much that she not only went to 3 hours of church but she also went to the BYD that was held that night!!!!
·         we went to a presentation put together by one of the ladies of the ward and it was on Blacks in the priesthood and it was very informative and very well done!
·         we watched meet the mormons with KR!! she loved it!!
love you all and i miss ya! thanks for all of the love and support!! :)
have a great week!
-Sister Roskelley

last pictures with elder keisker before he transfers to sheboygan!!!

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