The Sun is Shining and The Snow is Melting... For Now....


Another week gone in the great city of Appleton, WI!
these weeks really do fly by!
the weather is so nice right now but we have a huge storm headed our way so i'm betting on Mr. Punxsutawney Phil predicting like 2 more months of winter for us folks in Wisconsin!
lets get to the miracles!
·         we have been working with the members a ton trying to help them with their missionary efforts and trying to get them to check out the church
·         another way we have been working with members is that we are going to be in charge of a YW activity where we tell the girls about missionary work, how they can prepare to be missionaries and how they can be missionaries NOW! so excited!!!
·         we contacted a ton of former investigators and we were able to actually get return appointments!
·         we did a lot of tracting this week and tracting is really awesome! in our mission we have a very specific door approach that is totally inspired! we have a survey and when someone answers the door we ask them if they will help us out by doing a 10 question survey on some basic beliefs. the questions are: 
1.     is a close strong family important to you? 
2.     do you think that churches should provide more programs for families and youth!?
3.     do you believe in God? 
4.     do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God? 
5.     do you believe the bible to be the word of God? 
6.     if there was another book of scripture that testifies of Jesus christ and was written by prophets would you read it?
7.     have you ever wondered where we came from, what we are doing here, and where we are going? do you feel like there are answers to these questions?
8.     do you pray?
9.     do you feel like your prayers are answered?
10.  do you think you could be happier? what would make you happier?
·         so we ask those questions and then from there you get the person's religious background and are able to find a way to relate their answers back to gospel truths and introduce them to the church! we have met some really amazing people this way. i love pretty much every person that takes our survey and all i want is to be able to bring them to a knowledge of these truths!! i want them to find joy in this marvelous and glorious gospel!!
·         we started teaching this long time investigator and she is very talkative but we decided that we wanted to help her but the best help we could ever give her was a knowledge of the truth! my companion always quotes if you give a man a fish you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime! so we wanted to be able to get this person to discover the truth for themselves! we went into the lesson and started with a prayer and she just went off talking. we listened because we loved her but both of us were thinking... there is no way that we will be able to steer this conversation! finally we were able to say something that got the lesson back on track and it turned out to be a great lesson!! she had a true desire to learn more! she asked what scriptures she could read from the Book of Mormon and was willing to pray!
·         a less active family came to church and she brought her non-member husband!!!!!!
·         so like i said, we had a lot of success with formers but we also had a lot of fails... we went contacting formers and one door we knocked on and it was the daughter of the former investigator and she talked to us invited us to come back when her mom was home and then right then she pulled up into the driveway! we went to go greet her and help her with her groceries and she responded by declining our offer for service and telling us, "dont tell me about Jesus!!"
·         we got locked out of our apartment... im still not use to grabbing the keys to drive the car... but our landlord took like 15 minutes to get there and while i figured out the door situation my companion talked to one of our neighbors! it turns out she was raised mormon! you do not get that in wisconsin! it was neat! we left her with a card!
·         we received the revelation that we need to start over the lessons with one of our investigators! hopefully that works out well and that we get her to keep commitments from it!
·         we met the daughter of one of our investigators and now we basically have it set up that we are going to be teaching the whole family and some of their friends!
·         saturday we took a trip out to new london! we left with a huge stack of less actives and former investigators teaching records and referrals for out in the direction and due to schedule conflicts and realizing the basically 80% of the people had moved we ended up only meeting with like 2 people! one was an older less active lady and we showed up and she put us right to work storing her beehives! she was crazy but it was fun! the other person we saw was actually a person that was living in the former home of a former investigator! we left her with the challenge to read the book of mormon and left her with a card!
our trip out to new london was coordinated by me because i knew the area slightly better (i had been out there twice) and i had everything mapped out and planned and timed and i had prayed so hard that everything would work and that it was according to the Lord's will and basically NOTHING worked out. everyone would say, yeah well welcome to missionary work! but it was still hard for me to get over it until i read in Alma chapter 58. it is the nephites and they are going to war the only problem was the additions they had received for their army was not enough and they were wondering why they had not received more people. it was recorded:

"Now we do not know the cause that the government does not grant us more strength; neither do those men who came up unto us know why we have not received greater strength." (vs 34)

and then they go onto conclude:

"But, behold, it mattereth not—we trust God will deliver us, notwithstanding the weakness of our armies, yea, and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies." (vs 37)

so what i learned from that is that i need to do all i can in this work and then give it to God and when things dont go the exact way that i want from now on i hope to have the strength to say, "it mattereth not" because in know that God will deliver me notwithstanding my weaknesses!
thanks for all of the love and support and prayers!
i love and miss you all!

-Sister Roskelley

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