It's a Nun... It's a J-Dubb (jehovah's witness)... It's a Sister Missionary!!!!!!


*read it Superman style*
i didn't realize how much my identity would be questioned out here on the mission! this week i have been confused as everything under the sun!!! (if only we saw the sun out here!) I just want to be like, "people!!! read the tag!!!!" i guess if they did i wouldn't have such entertaining stories!!! :)
TBH (yes i still remember testing lingo), this week has been hard. our faith has really been tested but just like the scriptures promise, 
"faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith" (Ether 12:6)
we have been tried in our faith but every single time the Lord gave us a witness, he gave us a tender mercy that reminded us where to turn when things dont go the way we expect, plan, or want them to go but this is His work and we have to do it His way.

·  so last week after emailing i had two things left to do, i needed to go to the post office and i needed to go to walmart. we started heading to the post office and i got the prompting to go straight to walmart. immediately i changed my course in my gps but then my natural man jumped in and made me think that i needed to do things the way i had planned and i switched the route back. we got to the post office and i realized that i didn't have the address for what i wanted to send. it was a very small thing but it was the Lord showing me that i need to do things his way. so we went to walmart and i sat down at one of the instant print kiosks and started talking to the lady next to me. she ended up being recovering addict who was looking for God. MIRACLE!!! we got her name and number and set up an appointment right then and there! she had to leave right after that and our time of interaction was less than 10 minutes but because the Lord was guiding me we ended up being there right at the right time!
·  we set the date for the day that we are going to teach the young women AND the activity days about missionary work, how to prepare for a mission, and how they can be member missionaries. our information for the last topic is coming from this awesome talk called The Missionary Next Door by Diana Hoelscher. EVERY member needs to hear this talk! check it out!!!!
·  a crazy man was screaming profanities in the parking lot of our apartment at 2:00am.... that was awesome.... like 6 cop cars showed up and an ambulance and they ended up letting this guy just go back into his apartment!!! what???
·  we started out our morning and i received the revelation that we needed to call all of the women of the ward to see when they would be available to go out with us missionaries. so we started calling and we got all of the way to the M's and we called a certain member and then it hit me... we were suppose to be at her house in 30 minutes!!!!!!! we pretended like we were just calling to confirm the appointment and headed on over! the Lord was watching out for us! he didn't remind me to call her so he just told me to call all of the women of the ward!
·  we had a lesson with SM and she really got involved in the lesson and was asking questions and just soaking it all in and at the end we asked her if she would read and pray to know if it is true and her response was, "if i wasn't interested (in knowing that it is true) i wouldn't have read!" so true... so many dont make that simple connection...
·  we went back to see one of the former investigators CT with the appointment we had set up and but her kids were sick so she talked with us on her porch and she told us some very hard things she has gone through and it was just amazing to see that through all of the pain she knew what source to turn for for strength, the Lord. and i knew that with the restored gospel that bond will only become stronger!!!
·  this is the crazy story!!!!!! we went to see one of our investigators and her mother (whom we have never met) answered the door and when we introduced ourselves as sister carlini and sister roskelley and she said "oh! i should have recognized you! come on in!!!" she preceded to talk to us... well more like talk AT us! and she was saying things like oh have you seen this month's video and witnesses and jehovah and then 30 minutes too late it hit me.... she thought that we were jehovah's witnesses!!!! BS our investigator ended up not being available so we tried to end the discussion with a prayer and tried to leave but she called after us and asked, "i will see you at the hall right???" we just looked at her and then my companion went on to explain our confusion and told her that we are missionaries for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. i quote, "if it isn't awkward, it isn't missionary work"
·  my trial of faith: we were out in new london having a particularly rough time where we weren't finding people at home and we were getting poor reception from people and we even had to drop and investigator. i was tired and kind of frustrated. we said a prayer before getting out of the car to try and contact a former and it ended up being my turn to say the prayer. i prayed for peace and comfort and for an understanding of the Lord's will, basically to understand why we were not able to find anyone with a desire. we got up to the door and knocked. no answer. ring the doorbell. no answer. we knocked again. no answer. ring the doorbell. nothing. we turned to walk away and as we did i said to myself, "it mattereth not." i felt complete peace and joy in my calling as a missionary. just as i came to this conclusion i heard a noise and i looked over my shoulder. there was a man standing in the doorway of the house!!! we went back to the porch and he was so humble and had such a great desire to learn of these things in hopes that it might strengthen his family. we had a GREAT discussion and i knew that he was an answer to my prayer. he was my tender mercy after my trial of faith.
·  we went to KR's house for dinner and she had her non-member friend there! we had dinner and then when we went to share our message she asked the question, "how do you know that you are feeling the spirit?" we answered that question with the help of an awesome RM from our ward who was there for the dinner and she asked more questions and we basically taught her the first lesson. we gave her a book of mormon and challenged her to read and pray to know if the things we taught her were true. to end the discussion i said the prayer and the spirit was so rich and thick and afterwards she said, "i feel all warm and fuzzy inside!" she was recognizing the spirit!!! 
·  after that awesome lesson she admitted that she thought we were nuns at first!
·  we started the lessons over with DE and she came to all 3 hours of church!!!!! that's a testimony to me that a doctrine understood is more likely to be a doctrine that is lived!
hope everyone weeks are great and that you look into how you can be a better member missionary! i am definately seeing the fruits of it in my mission and i know that it can be seen in every mission! look out for those tender mercies and stay true to the faith!
until next week!
-Sister Roskelley

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