Wisconsin is Finally a Winter Wonderland!!!!


so last week i emailed about how ridiculous it was that there was no snow yet and we walked out of the building and i almost fell over! it was snowing like CRAZY!!! within a matter of 3 hours we had a foot of snow on the ground at it still wasn't letting up! the next day we spent the entire day digging people out of the snow!

major things from this week:
·         the day it snowed like crazy PL had her beautiful little hmong baby!!! we went and saw her in the hospital! he was so small!! 5lbs 7oz!!!
·         we helped a lady in our ward with remodeling her home and a lady stopped by while we were there and it ended up being a less active that we have never been able to be in contact with!!! miracles!!!!
·         a lady in walgreens told me her whole life story and i gave her a pass along card! love planting seeds!
·         we had a new year's FEAST at a member's home! they fed us crab cakes and calamari, and stuffed mushrooms and shrimp and so many other amazing things!!!
·         one of our investigators came to our new year's dinner!!!
·         we got our car stuck in the snow in a ditch in the middle of no where and after pushing and digging and get getting covered in mud for about 45 minutes a car finally drove by and just so happened to be headed to his grandpa's ranch down the rode! he came back with a truck and got us out! MAJOR blessing!!! he also said that he would fix our car (from our little game of tag with the deer....)
·         i lost my wallet...
·         one of our recent converts husband visa expired and he has to go back to honduras for an indefinite amount of time....
my new year's resolution is to be a more efficient and effective missionary and so far i feel as if a major pull for that will be just  striving to be teachable which means always being humble and meek! alma 32:6 and eccl 4:13 added to my study of this!

thanks to everyone out there who is supporting me and loving me! your prayers truly do lift me up! hope everyone's holidays were great!!!

-Sister Roskelley

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