They Call Me Sister Nephi


yep... it's true! 
at our dinner appointment with a part member family last night, after we shared our message, they started calling me Sister Nephi! hahaha 
so honored to be compared to such a holy and amazing man of God! 
hopefully as my mission goes on i will someday come close to living up to just an portion of that title! haha
this week has seriously been one of MANY miracles! 

my new companion sister carlini is amazing and shows great faith in the Lord and that miracles will happen and they do! 
before every appointment, phone call, and door knock, a prayer is said to invite the spirit, 
the true teacher, 
and then the spirit directs what we do and say and slowly you see their countenance change! 
my testimony is growing that 

"I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."

i know that i am just a simple servant and that all of the strength, skill, and capacity i have because of the Lord. 
we are just instruments in His hands led and guided by the spirit. 
i am not the teacher, while i strive to be the best teacher i can be, 
nothing will ever be more important than being a worthy vessel of the Lord and that is what i strive to be every day.

highlights from my week
  • we were able to have a rockin' awesome FHE with KR and her boys and they actually payed attention!! haha we taught them about the liahona and how the scriptures are latter day liahonas!
  • we finally were able to contact this referral and she let us in right away!! she sat us down and we had a discussion about her religious background and she already has such a solid foundation and such a beautiful relationship with the Lord! it was absolutely beautiful and the spirit was so thick and rich in that room as she bore such pure testimony of the truths that she did know. her countenance was just on fire and i could vividly and very clearly see her as Heavenly Father sees her. when we walked out of the appointment my ever faithful companion said, "she's TOTALLY getting baptized"
  • we got a call from someone and we couldn't really tell what they were saying... all we could pick out was chair and help and then we were trying to get her address and we couldn't understand what she was saying... we asked what was that again?? and then from the phone we hear this lady yelling her street over and over again! "kernan!!! kernan!!!! KERNAN!!!!!!" we said "okay okay kernen?" "no!!!! KERNAN!!!!" "okay, okay we got it!!!" we hung up, looked at each other soberly, and then couldn't stop laughing!
  • wednesday was the missionary broadcast and it was AWESOME!!! it was so inspired and then to top it off i got to have an interview with my amazing mission president! he brought so much comfort and revelation in such a short amount of time and then to top THAT off he gave me a blessing. i know and have a firm testimony that it was straight from my Heavenly Father and i am just so grateful that he is such a worthy and direct vessel of the Lord!
  • one of our less actives had us visit and right before we came there was an argument. when you walked into the room you could just feel the tension but when started teaching the tension was quickly released and replaced with the peace the only the spirit brings. that room was a lot lighter when we left. it goes right along with the revelation that i received that should be the focus for this transfer: to love and to lift
  • our investigator DE has been struggling with a lot lately and in turn has been struggling to keep commitments but we went back this week and she had read and still has a burning desire to be baptized!
  • we were going back to teach the first lesson to the referral we contacted on tuesday and while we felt the spirit very strong while she talked during some of it she also talked A LOT so we were very nervous that we would not be able to direct the conversation enough to teach the lesson. we received revelation that we needed to start with a prayer and start talking about our Savior as soon as possible so thats what we did and we were able to teach the whole lesson, commit her to read, pray, come to church, get baptized and take the next lesson but this time with her whole family!
  • we were inspired to contact referrals that we had previously contacted but were not able to get an appointment out of and from every one so far we have been able to get an appointment!
  • we went looking for a referral and ended up in a part of town that i had never been. we knocked a few doors only to find out that we had made our way into an old folks village place!! 
  • we tracted into this older man and when we asked if he would read the Book of Mormon his response was, "i'm not much of a reader... ya see i'm still trying to make it through the american sniper and i have had it for 4 months!"..... not exactly the same genre but okay... hahaha
  • one of the elders in our district was messing around in the gym and broke BOTH of his wrists!
  • we tracted into a lady that when we asked her how she would feel if there was a living prophet on the earth today and she said, "oh! i would be excited!!!" and then we said "would you like to know more about that?" automatic response: nope we invited her to more things and then eventually ended in a prayer. we walked away so confused and as Moroni puts it, we were "exceedingly wroth because of the stubbornness of those people whom he had labored with so much diligence to preserve" (alma 51:14)
  • we were asked to met at this random place to contact this referral and it ended up being a roller skating place! it went well and we have a return appointment!
  • i ate cow stomach and a hmong dish called Fuh (i probably spelled that wrong...)
life is crazy and freezing cold out here in Wisconsin but every moment is worth it!!
thanks for the love and support!!!
-Sister Roskelley

p.s. write me letters! :)

520 E. First Ave. #8
Appleton, WI 54911

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