Rudolf Got Ran Over By The Sisters...


yesterday my companion and i had a very... unique experience.... i wrote a song about it!

(to the tune of Grandma got ran over by a reindeer)
rudolf got ran over by the sisters
driving to a dinner appointment p-day eve
you might say there's no such thing as Santa
but as for me and my companion we believe!

yes we hit a deer yesterday but thankfully there wasn't much damage. just a broken headlight and a few dents on the hood! but it was crazy!!!

highlights from this week!
·         we helped a family in our ward clean up from their basement flooding so we got to have some fun taking out some walls!
·         one day we had everything fall through (as a missionary this has ceased to surprise me) and we were able to find and talk to people that we wouldn't have been able to during any other time! miracles!!!
·         we have been able to maintain daily contact with DE our investigator who is getting ready for baptism!
·         our investigator JD had a great discussion with a member who taught world religions at BYU and he related very well with him!
·         we had exchanges this last Friday and i took over the area!!!! i drove for the first time in 2 months and i had to lead in everything and all the while i was with a sister training leader! it was crazy awesome!
·         on exchanges we had an amazing lesson with DE with a member who bore beautiful testimony and DE is so ready for baptism!!! the last piece is for her to overcome her anxiety and come to church!!!
·         one of our recent converts bore her testimony in church and it was so simple yet so beautiful and pure!
·         an awesome family had us over and the husband and wife played music for us!!
the biggest highlight i have had this week came from contacting a referral! 
it took 2 months for Heavenly Father to answer a question that has been on my mind since i opened my call letter back in June 2015. 
Somedays it was out of desperation and somedays it was out of curiosity but i would ask, 
"why am i serving here in Wisconsin?"
tuesday i was having a particularly rough day. i related with ammon when i said, "our hearts were depressed and we were about to turn back"
we were out and decided to contact this referral. we knocked and the lady answered the door with a look of shock! as we began taking to her, her countenance changed from astonishment and fear to love and warmth and ultimately toward Christ. when i saw this my heart became filled. the lady agreed to have us back when she got back from her trip to Peru for the holidays (i have been to the city she grew up in! Lima, Peru!!!) 
so maybe i will never know all of the reasons why i am here but in that moment i knew and i pray that i continue to recognize and see those moments and blessings all throughout my mission!
I am so very grateful for everyone that has loved me and supported me and i send my warmest holiday wishes to all of you from Wisconsin!!! :)
Happy holidays!!!

-Sister Roskelley

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