New Companion Sister Carlini


super lame subject to describe a super awesome week!!!!
so can i just say that this week has been so crazy!!!!! 

i did survive transfers but barely! my wallet was stolen (i couldn't drive or buy anything for 2 weeks), we got a flat tire, i had to take my new companion to the hospital, all of the contacts in our phone were erased, and we had to take our car into the repair shop after we hit a deer...
through all of those stresses, on my own, i would have not been able to make it but the Lord has been carrying me through it all and supporting me until a solution could be found!
also my new companion is awesome! her name is Sister Carlini and she is so sweet and great at talking to people and so diligent with the work! it has been hard for her to adjust to all of the craziness and changes but she is doing great at taking everything in stride!
we have seen so many miracles this week it is insane!!! so instead of highlights i am going to list all of my miracles!!!
·         with my wallet being gone i lost my mission driving card, we got to transfers and i was told that i would be able to have my new companion drive but found out that she doesn't have a card because she has never driven in snow. the STL's were in a trio with another sister which made it so each STL could drive a vehicle. over the past couple of days that extra sister drove us around to our appointments and then the day after i got my driving card we found out that that sister is being transferred! the Lord was watching out for us!!!!
·         we were able to contact a ton of people that we have never been able to get in with!
·         we were volunteering at a thrift store and we were talking about our missions and the gospel and the lady working across from us asked, "are you guys nuns?" we told her exactly who we were along with the lady right next to her! we basically taught summarized versions of the first three lessons in conversation to these two and anyone who would listen while we volunteered! we got 2 SOLID return appointments and 1 commitment to come to church!
·         hannah, the lady from the thrift store actually came to church!!!!! this was two days after we met her!!!!!! we met in a classroom after church and she basically told us 1. she loved church and loved what the speakers said and she felt uplifted and that the service was very spiritual 2. she wants to come again! 3. she wants to know what she has to do to get baptized..... what???? YEAH! 4. we mentioned to book of mormon in passing and shes was like, "what is that?" and we explained and shes like, "can i read it?"..... ummmmm YES!!! 5. she said that she wants to get involved!!! we set up a return appointment gave her a book of mormon (which without even asking her she said she was going to read it)! so excited for her!!!
·         the lady we met at the thrift store said that she had gone to an lds church before, loved the service, and didn't know why she didn't go back! unfortunately her house ended up being out of our area but we handed her over to some AWESOME missionaries and its going to be great!
so yup! mission life is crazy! mission life is hard! but it is SO worth it!
thanks for the love and support! until next week!

Sister Roskelley

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