Getting the SIN out of WISCONSIN!!!


this week was so good! i'm just going straight into highlights!!!
·         we went and taught JD and our discussion (led by him) was on Matthew 19:16-30 and how people hold onto things that hold them back from coming unto Christ. I just wanted to be like "JD! that's YOU!! drop these doubts and worries and be baptized!" With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible" -Matthew 19:26
·         We help the same elderly lady with her entire library of books again! (see pictures; and that's not even 1/3 of them!!!!!)
·         we did some service for this lady in our ward who is going through some hard stuff and afterwards she sat us down and told us more about what is going on and the spirit was SO strong!! she talked about days where she wanted to just get in her car and drive away from it all. profoundly and simply she said, "but i realized that wouldn't solve anything!" it is truly inspiration to see what this lady is doing and facing and overcoming and the reason why she is able to do it is because she is doing it WITH the Lord! she is ABLE because of the ENABLING power of the Atonement!
·         one evening we were so pressed for time that we changed from our service clothes to our proselyting clothes in the car!
·         i ate my first cheese curds!!! (see picture; i'm with all of my district!)
·         we had a really awesome dinner with S & L. our mother /daughter investigators (who want to be baptized! but it's a little hairy because L goes to a lutheran school and gets a great education but she will get kicked out if she's mormon) anyway so S shared a story about a time when she felt her individual worth and it wasn't like an earth shattering story or anything but the spirit just flooded my being! i knew without a doubt that i was looking at a daughter of God and He was ready to have her in His fold! He had prepared her in MANY ways! she has a degree in legal research which led her to get into genealogy and then that actually led her to become a tech support for the LDS site for genealogy! her first question for the missionaries was, "so what is submitting names to the temple?"
·         I hit my 1 month mark for being out in Wisconsin!!!
·         Wednesday we came home and BOTH of us had packages waiting for us!!! my mom made a turkey out of brown paper bags (see picture; this picture doesn't do it justice but i am sporting my Packers gear!!!)
·         we helped S&L with their storage unit and i had to pull out my big coat! not much snow yet but it's getting pretty cold!
·         Friday i went to Greenbay for zone conference!!!! elder and sister Schwitzer taught us! it was awesome!!!!! #lovespiritualedification 
·         2 of our investigators came to stake conference
thank you soooooo much for all of the love and support (and especially all you awesome people who write me letters! they definitely brighten my day!)
love ya! miss ya!

-Sister Roskelley

520 E. First Ave #8

Appleton, WI 54911

My Thanksgiving turkey from Mom!

It was stuffed

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